Tebow in Philly?

Rumors are flying, he would be an interesting cog in that offensive scheme.


I seriously want to see him back in the league. Gave me the most exciting season ever with Denver. I would love to see him out there again.

Twitter rumors because he was spotted at a Philly airport, no more legs to the story then that at this point.

Would love to see that.

As a Giants fan, I approve of this.

I'd rather see Johnny Manziel in Philly. Phone Post 3.0

And Philly is looking for a fix today, now, just to finish out the season. So, derp, Manziel is not even in the conversation here.

Jacksonville was such a good fit for him. It couldn't have hurt to put him there. Phone Post

Well, Tebow couldn't be any worse than Barkley or a crippled Vick. Phone Post 3.0

Dirty Dick Slater - He could succeed in that system more than any other. Why not give him a shot. All the other Philly QB's are awful
That's what I'm thinking.

I liked watching him in Denver, it'd be interesting to see how he'd play these days. Phone Post 3.0