Tech news that cares about you: Level1Techs

If you dont know that you're completely exposed when using technology, you should be.  These guys break down the latest headlines and changes in the law around the world so that even someone who has no clue can understand how they would be affected.

I cant recommend these guys strongly enough.


They also make videos like this, where they show how and why you should build your own home router from old pc parts.



How to find and build a pc that will beat out current gen concoles for under $200



Consoles pt2




If you guys check the backlog of news vids, youll find some pretty serious stuff being discussed that is not being talked about by MSM.

All covered in this vid from Dec.  Did you hear about any of it?  These guys are worth the time.  They cover and break down, in layman's terms, what is actually going on with the legal and reality of technology.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to them.








Sounds cool, subbed for later