Technical Wizardry of GiantSilva

Enough said!

cool screenname kkm!

I didn't think his armlock was quite on the level of Kimo's choke

Cause the sumo had no business being in there and looked lost from the word go.


Escape from Kimura without a secured leg: The technically difficult summersault!

*Paging a grade 1 gym class....*

No, I don't believe so.

Silva didn't have a hook in therefore he shouldn't have been able to finish that lock, I failed to take into consideration his extreme size which obviously added enough leverage to finish off fat boy. Go Silva!

When you are that much bigger than your opponent, hooking the leg doesnt necessarily have to happen.

You can get away with more forms of the hold without having it fully secured than someone of conventional


"Also, is this the same giant that used to fight in WWWF as El Gigante a long time ago? I thought that giant was also known as Giant Gonzalez under WWE?"No that's a different guy. However, Giant Silva did wrestling in the WWE as Giant Silva. He was a member of a group called the "Oddities".The Oddities were: Gian Silva, Luna Vashone (sp), Who, and Kurrgan.

This was not Giant Gonzalez. Giant Silva was in the WWF and was part of the oddities with Kurgan.