Technique for weighted ab exercise

Following on from the weighted vs non weighted discussion for abdominal growing, I thought I would try some weighted crunches and hanging knee raises.

I found it hard to isolate the abs, I eventually got some burn using an olympic ten kilo plate lying on a stability ball with the weight over the top bit of my chest, almost on my chin and leaning back just past the horizontal and slowly squeezing up and back.

Hanging, I tried holding a dumbell between my thighs but didn't quite manage to isolate I don't think.

What technique do you guys find works best to target the area best? (Not including BW lol)

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Hold the weight behind your head when doing situps. Or if you are doing them on a decline bench, you can hold a dumbbell across your upper chest.

I'll try that ta.

You can also hold a plate up with straight arms(like the top of a bench press). Any of those 3 options work for me.

Interesting Leigh ta. I workout at home but will try and check this out sometime. Phone Post 3.0

I can do that ^ Thanks mate VTFU.

Rectus Abdominus flexes the spine amongst other things. Situps, leg raises, and other such exercises have the hip flexors as agonists. Your weighted ball crunch should to the trick. Focus on trying to bring you shoulders down toward your hips, but don't allow your hips to move at all. Also make sure your lumbar or lower is what's on the ball, not your mid or upper back which will eliminate the usefulness of this.

Thanks. Appreciate the input.

I have a few methods I use to add weight to AB movements.

1. hook a cable and or resistance band to feet and do reverse crunches / hip curling motion. <--Ankle straps

2. Resistance band or cable around torso and do resisted crunch / sit-up motions. <--I use six-pack strap

3. Resistance band or cable attached to AB dolly, perform resisted AB dolly work <-- very cool exercise. 

4. Cable resisted rotation


Thanks I will check that out. Phone Post 3.0

I can try it with resistance bands I have. Great ta. Been enjoying doing some weighted ab work since starting this thread. Seem to be getting some extra pop already. Phone Post 3.0