Technique Question

I'll ask this here, instead of the BJJ forum, since I actually want answers.

What other defences do you have when someone uses the leg on shoulder pass when you're working no gi, other than the triangle.

The triangle hasn't failed me in about six months. However, we now have a new additionto the group. He's 177cm and 150kg and the distance from his neck to his shoulde is actually a lot further than my lower leg length (anyone who knows me knows this is huge, as I'm 199cm tall).

So, is there either another way to combat this, or am I missing a point with the triangle that I previously took for granted?

"177cm and 150kg"

An elephant gun.

I was thinking the same Dutch.

Get on top as no one really wants a 150kg guy laying on top of them.

And elephant gun could be very messy...try a tazar ;)

LOL at elephant gun. Good idea. Also the staying on top part.

Truth is, I can get the top position with him often, but a) I need to practice with a stronger guy on top of me (those who saw my fight at RF4 will know what I mean) and b) I don't always get the control I need.

He's also very adept at kesa-gatame when he gets the pass. That's a bitch. Not impossible to get out of, but it hurts a lot.

Thanks BenBJJ. I assume you mean the leg he has lifted goes back under the armpit?

Also, I'm sure I'm missing something with the triangle. Surely smaller guys have gotten bigger people before with it.....

Have you tried just armbaring him when the triangle doesnt come on?

I figured some stuff out tonight at training. The typical armbar in the triangle doesn't come off, because he just stands and breaks it.

I found I could roll to the hip he was passing and wait for him to try and take the side. That gave me a hook and his back. Also, if I could get a good whizzer on the way over, I could work an armbar on my way to his back.

I also found sweeps don't work. He just stacks and it hurts a lot.

Thanks, all.

yeah I should of thought about him stacking you seeing as he is 150kg, that could be unplesant

It's a little bit of my own back. Now I know how other guys feel when I do it to them.

OK, I just found out what an omoplata is and I think I know what you mean. Sort of whizzering the arm with your leg, I guess. I'll give that a try.

Get someone to explain 'cross over' gaurd defence to you. Really needs a demo or pics, words will probably just confuse the issue.


Thanks, Gerald. I'll see what I can fish up on that.

Cross-overs are potent.