Technique : Sode Guruma Jime

This technique is usually called "ezequiel" in bjj in honor of Ezequiel Paraguassu a former national brazilian judo team member who choked out a all the  Gracie Barra Black belts in 1989 in a randori session with his trademark technique " sode guruma jime " .

In this sequence , Benjamin Darbelet who trained in brazil last year with their national judo team (Flavio  Canto legacy is there) applied it against Ungvari from Hungary in the 2007 european judo championships bronze medal bout  , this variation is coupled to a basic katagatame roll :

Enjoy it!

done to absolute perfection!

what are the rules on your fingers being on the inside cuff of a sleeve?  i thought there was something about that being illegal in tournaments?

your own sleeve/pants is fine. your opponenet's is illegal.


Chiaves's a bluenamer!!!

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Very cool.


This particular SodeGuruma Jime Variation by Koji Komuro :

And a Better Darbelet video Quality :




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"Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques are a whole lot rougher than judo's, pal, and if you think you know better, then maybe I gotta reeducate you a little; lock my arms and legs around you and just start screwing my hard-on into your hips, dude, tying you down and feeling you up and choking you out all once"

Wouldn't it more about personal style of the athlete (regardless of style) and NOT the style itself?

I showed this video to Komuro, and a very interesting fact comes out - He said that they met in 2000 Hungarian Open, and Komuro won by Sode guruma jime!

Darbelet must have studied Korumo's DVD since then... ;)

Here's another clip of Komuro using Sode guruma -

Sode guruma jime/ katagatame variation :


Isn't the grip that Darbelet uses illegal? I thought you can't push your hand into your own sleeve and grip?

Rali - read Joshua Resnick's reply.

thank you