Tecia Torres & Paige VanZant pics & #FranksFight

At the next Invicta show, Tecia "The Tiny Tornado" Torres will be fighting Paige "12 Gauge" Van Zant.

Not only are both ladies considered by most to be aesthetically gifted, but are also both scrappy fighters who are looking to make their mark in the world of WMMA...


Both have agreed to charity portraits to auction off with 50% of the proceeds going to two charities that Disciple Dojo currently supports. Tecia's will go to #FranksFight and Paige's will go to International Justince Mission (an organization that fights the global slave trade and child sex-trafficking).

I started on Tecia's yesterday and hope to have it finished this coming week. I'll start on Paige's as soon as I'm done with it and both will be finished (and hopefully auctioned off!) before their fight on January 5th. I'll post pics as I work on them for those who are interested. You can also follow the progress by "liking" Art of the Dojo's Facebook page or following me on Twitter.

Here's the first stage initial sketch of Tecia's (pardon the weird lighting, I had to bump the contrast way up due to the faintness of this first stage)...

(I use Prismacolor on 75lb paper for any fellow art geeks who may be curious)

Stage 2...



If you aren't already, you can follow these ladies via the following:

Tecia: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TeciaTheTinyTornadoTorres   Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeciaTorres

Paige: Website - http://12gaugepaigevanzant.com/    Twitter: https://twitter.com/PAIGEVANZANT

And be sure to catch the InvictaFC show on Jan.5th. If you haven't seen any of their cards thus far you are missing out on some great fights! Shannon Knapp is doing a fantastic job and putting on some great shows!


Blessings from the Dojo,



ps: Also, I got word from CindyO that Dana gave the go-ahead for a charity portrait as well. Thanks to The Geek hooking me up with some amazing pics of DFW from his UG Seattle pic set (which you really need to see if you haven't already! http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&thread=2101185&page=1). I'll post that one in another thread once I'm able to begin on it.

pps: If you don't like my artwork, no worries. Just support #FranksFight however you can. Here's the address to donate directly: http://franksfight.webs.com/


pps: The auction is up now. 7 days to bid on the portrait and the winner will also receive an autographed 8x10 and an autographed walkout shirt from Tecia herself!



The portrait has received a ton of “likes” over on my Art of the Dojo Facebook page and Tecia herself said she really liked it (which is always the opinion that matters most to a portrait artist!).

So beginning today and running for 7 days, you can bid on this ORIGINAL portrait by yours truly of “The Tiny Tornado” and the proceeds will be split 50/50 to help fund Disciple Dojo and #FranksFight against cancer!

Also, the winning bidder of the portrait will also receive an autographed 8×10 photo and autographed walkout shirt from Tecia herself!

Here is the link to bid: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121043972161

Please spread the word and encourage others to help support some great causes AND get some original artwork for their home, gym, academy or office!

looking nice so far


do want


Tiny Tornado...stage 3

Stage 4...

shibby x 2

Awesome. Great about charity aspect. Ttt Phone Post

both girls are beautiful

life is good sometimes

I'm glad my lube warmer arrived yesterday. I will make good use if it during this fight ;)

HolyAvengerP5 - both girls are beautiful

life is good sometimes

Quite true. As an artist I like to think I can find beauty in any subject...but sometimes it's MUCH easier than others.



Getting close to finishing...

Finished piece...


Next up, Paige...

updated with bidding link in OP

Starting on Paige's now...

Me too. Should be a great one.



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do want

I do want more!. I'll fight you for her????!!!

Sockeye, I wish I was in a position that I COULD fight for her! haha...but alas, perhaps you can win her heart by being the winning bidder...  ;)


You can bid on Paige’s portrait at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121045913725