TeckChek for Visual Basic 6?

An employeer asked me to take a teck check for a 6 month Visual Basic, C#, and ASP contract job.

The test will be all in visual basic 6...for some weird reason.

Anyway, does anyone have any tips for me for taking the techchek test? What areas should i study on?

the contract pays about 40 bucks an hour, so i'm pretty stoked about the job

Hi whitebelt, no, it's not because they cant afford .NET. Rather, they can't afford the time to re-write the VB part in VB.NET. It's more or less a 'short term' fix to use VB6.
I've worked with VB6 both in school and at work since 1999, so i'm not too scared about the knowledge part, but i DO get freaked sometimes when i take tests, so i'd like to know what to expect.
I've heard the questions are multiple choice and the only thing i'm not too 'up to date on' is the custom activeX stuff.

but i'm just wondering, more or less, what i have to expect with the test, and what areas i should 'bone up on'