Ted Cruz: "I masturbate to the Bible every night"

This election is the silliest circus.

http://dailycurrant.com/2015/03/26/ted-cruz-i-masturbate-to-the-bible-every-night/ Phone Post 3.0


Don't tell me you believe this is real

Every sperm is sacred... every sperm is great.....When a sperm is wasted...God gets quite irate. Phone Post

Maybe it's time to put the beer down, because I wouldn't put it past Cruz.

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<span class="User-233959" id="userPost54022358">That dude is dead now <img alt="Phone Post 3.0" border="0" src="/images/phone/droid.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" /></span></blockquote>


You can only take so many leaps of faith until you blow it and leave a mess behind for others to clean up.


Nature would have cleaned him up, others tried to "recover" him.

My sources recently informed me that Hillary Clinton's pussy is so dry, that before she reached menopause at 26, her tampons used to get chapped lips Phone Post 3.0

I should say, I have no idea whether Cruz really said that, just thought it was hilarious. Phone Post 3.0