Ted Nolan

So does anyone have the inside deal on what the hell is going on with this guy? He goes from a Jack Adams winner to being canned in a matter of months.Then he doesn't even get a sniff at another coaching job for years and is still going strong in that state.

Obviously he's been blacklisted for some reason, but nobody seems to actually know why.He interviewed for the Calgary job that Gilbert eventually got, but other than that i haven't even heard of him getting any interest whatsoever.

Weird stuff

I think he is a mouth piece, there must be real reason why nobody has picked him up. I always thought he was a good coach

He was given chances for interviews for other coaching jobs, but didn't want to move too far away from home because of his childrens hockey and school.

The thing is he *isn't* getting any offers for other jobs, he's talked about it before.

Lots of coaches are mouthpieces but winning the Jack Adams and then never getting a chance to coach again is just bizarre.He'd be perfect for a team like Phoenix

GM's are weary of hiring him , as he got his last GM fired, or tried to, cannot remember which.