Ted Williams

where is he and what happened to Combat Grappling?
i live in new zealand so cut me some slack!

Hes a partner with Terry at KOTC and Gladiators Challenge.

thanks hong kong

hilarity...yeah i mean tedd

can you elaborate on that Charlatan?

ok,chances of that are slim to none thanks anyway tho

Dam. This went to shit. I don't know anything about him but he does post here. When his name is called he has allways come up. Lets see.


yeah it did turn to shit lol

MMA has a gene pool of shady promoters still and thats a fact. Not saying Tedd is , but it does exist.
Been there , done that.

Tedd has actually always been great to deal with and fight for. He has always been one of the better promoters out there that I have worked with. Obviously everyone has their own expierences but I have always seen good things from Tedd

Heard the same as what Charlatan says. Not a good person.

Read carefully Charlatan's posts and go from there.