Teddy Riner thinking about entering MMA....!!



According to Japanese paper Tokyo Sports French Judoka Teddy Riner said that after the London Olympics, he wants to settle things with Satoshi Ishii.

Riner won gold in the 2007 European Championships, gold in the 2007 & 2009 World Championships, and bronze in Beijing 2008. All of these titles, and his date of birth is April 7th, 1989. He won the World Championships as an 18 year old and took bronze in Beijing as a 19 year old. He is 204 cm tall.

In Beijing, a dream final between him and Satoshi Ishii was hyped beforehand but Riner lost a close match in the quarterfinals. He did go on to win bronze however.

When Ishii was brought up in the Tokyo Sports interview Riner suddenly had a serious look on his face. “I want to fight him again”. About punches, Riner says no problem. He got into a lot of fights in his childhood.

Ishii was happy to hear this. “I love Riner. When he came to Japan and was asked if Kosei Inoue is his rival, he said “my rival is Satoshi Ishii”. I want to say thanks to him.”

What Riner means with wanting to fight Ishii again above (I don’t think they’ve faced each other in an official match yet) is that when the French team visited Japan they went to Kokushikan University’s dojo (Ishii’s university) where Ishii and Riner had practice matches many times over.

“Tell him that I’ll be waiting in the MMA ring.” – Ishii

This fight could be promoted in a lot of different ways. Their rivalry, the rivalry between the east and west in Judo, etc. A lot can happen until 2012 though.

Update: It seems his interest in MMA (and basketball) is being reported in French media as well.

There he struck syndrome Usain Bolt. Too strong, already pushed to face new challenges in other disciplines. At 20, Teddy Riner is already triple world champion in judo and the colossus of French judo air to find the tatami too close to it. So it has never hidden her attraction to basketball. Asked by L’Equipe, Riner said he could even play in a Pro one day. “With a lot of practice, I think I could achieve in just two or three years, ’says the giant. The Guadeloupe is said also attracted by the hand.

Meanwhile, Riner think rather find a few new side of the free-fight, a sport a little less polished than judo – and much more profitable – in which the Olympic champion in 2008, Japan’s Ishii has recently converted. Riner had received a phone call from his opponent who absolutely wants a fight with him. “Was never able to cross on a tatami. That we lack, “says Riner to L’Equipe. If the federation of their sport does not allow to go on a tatami, I will challenge him in his sport. “ – 20minutes.fr

if he do, he is gonna eat Lesnar alive.....

A thrue phenom...wining 3 world championship at only 20 year old.

Plus the guy is huge and blackathletic.


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He should move to the USA if he is serious


 Thought I would bump this seeing as he's going to wreck shop in London.  6'8 306 pounds of pure Judo.