Teddy Roosevelt quote on MMA


"When obliged to live in cities, I for a long time found that boxing and wrestling enabled me to get a good deal of exercise in condensed and attractive form. I was reluctantly obliged to abandon both as I grew older."
"After a few years I had to abandon boxing as well as wrestling, for in one bout a young captain of artillery cross-countered me on the eye, and the blow smashed the little blood-vessels. Fortunately it was my left eye, but the sight has been dim ever since, and if it had been the right eye I should have been entirely unable to shoot. Accordingly I thought it better to acknowledge that I had become an elderly man and would have to stop boxing. I then took up jiu-jitsu for a year or two (EN4)."

"EN4 – President Roosevelt studied with Professor Yoshiaki (Yoshitsugu) Yamashita, eventually attaining the brown-belt rank. In a letter dated February 24, 1905, he wrote:

I still box with Grant, who has now become the champion middleweight wrestler of the United States. Yesterday afternoon we had Professor Yamashita up here to wrestle with Grant. It was very interesting, but of course jiu jitsu and our wrestling are so far apart that it is difficult to make any comparison between them. Wrestling is simply a sport with rules almost as conventional as those of tennis, while jiu jitsu is really meant for practice in killing or disabling our adversary. In consequence, Grant did not know what to do except to put Yamashita on his back, and Yamashita was perfectly content to be on his back. Inside of a minute Yamashita had choked Grant, and inside of two minutes more he got an elbow hold on him that would have enabled him to break his arm; so that there is no question but that he could have put Grant out. So far this made it evident that the jiu jitsu man could handle the ordinary wrestler. But Grant, in the actual wrestling and throwing was about as good as the Japanese, and he was so much stronger that he evidently hurt and wore out the Japanese. With a little practice in the art I am sure that one of our big wrestlers or boxers, simply because of his greatly superior strength, would be able to kill any of those Japanese, who though very good men for their inches and pounds are altogether too small to hold their own against big, powerful, quick men who are as well trained."


"I am very glad I have been doing this Japanese wrestling, but when I am through with it this time I am not at all sure I shall ever try it again… I find the wrestling a trifle too vehement for mere rest. My right ankle and left wrist and one thumb and both great toes are swollen sufficiently to more or less impair their usefulness, and I am well mottled with bruises elsewhere. Still I have made good progress, and since you have left they have taught me three new throws that are perfect corkers."

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FYI, you might want to get that testicular edema checked lol.

Causes of Scrotal Swelling

1. Hydrocele
2. Hernia
3. Testicular torsion
4. Torsion testicular appendix
5. Varicocele

1. Epididymitis
2. Scrotal cellulitis
3. Orchitis

1. Testicular tumor
2. Testicular leukemia

1. Edema (eg. NS)
2. Idiopathic Scrotal edema
3. Henoch Schonlein Purpura
4. Trauma
5. Traumatic hydrocele
6. Healed meconium peritonitis
7. Scarcoidosis
8. Elephantiasis
9. Fat necrosis
10. Cyst or angioma
11 . Hypertriglyceredimia

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"The Journal of Manly Arts" online lol

The link - http://ejmas.com/jcs/jcsart_svinth1_1000.htm