Teen bashes robber with tire iron

dude felt it


Teen fights off would-be robber with tire iron

Updated:Sep 25 2015 11:44AM EDT

LAKELAND (FOX 13) - Polk County deputies are crediting a 17-year-old with fighting off a dangerous would-be armed robber.

Investigators say Luther Dunn, 32, approached Nate Stewart, 17, Friday while he was alone in his mom's car outside the Sunoco on U.S. 92 East near Lakeland.

Deputies say Dunn demanded money from the teen at knife point. The teen then ran inside the gas station, where his mom works, and when he came back out Dunn approached again.

According to a police report, Stewart opened the trunk of his mom's car and grabbed a tire iron, beating Dunn into submission and body-slamming him to the ground.

"Nate picked him up, flipped him upside down and dropped him on his head. I thought he broke his neck," said Kim Stewart.

Nate Stewart told FOX 13 he did what he had to do.

"I am very proud of him. I didn't realize he was that strong though," said Kim Stewart.

Dunn was arrested after the incident and faces charges for attempted armed robbery. Deputies say Dunn is a seven-time convicted felon. He was assigned a $40,000 bond.


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