Teen girl falsely accuses man of kidnapping, no jail

I hope he sues her parent to bolivia


That’s just sikh…


He should retaliate by kidnapping her.


Future Karen in the making. You gonna honk at me you towel head well I’ll show you!

In Leviticus it says those who falsely accuse someone should suffer the punishment the accused would have received. Thats the way it should be


Leviticus has a lot of cool stuff…

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She’s trying to dimiss the whole thing as a sikh joke gone wrong.

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What would have happened to that man if that church didn’t have a video, kept it and turned it in. He would have spent his life savings trying to avoid jail and registering as a sex offender. Some concerned citizens might have enacted revenge.

I know a giy who’s fiancée claimed to have been gang raped but turns out this was a lie. I would have gone after these guys if she would have named them

Someone lying about this should get the book thrown at them

apparently, the book of Leviticus…

I vote for holding the teen down and pooping on her.

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What if she’s into that sort of shit?

I hate that the media feels it necessary to put the mans religion in the profile. As if would be different if the man were a white Christian. So sick of this identity politics bullshit.

Then you make her sleep with Joe Biden?

I was going to make a “Free grape squishy” van romoshop until I seen the truck he was driving.


Blake Wilson, a criminal justice professor at Stanislaus State…

“The probation officer in juvenile cases really works on behalf of the juvenile. Their recommendations are meant to be in the best interest of the juvenile, not in the best case for society,” Wilson explained.

“That’s the way the system is designed, is to protect the juveniles in their journey through the criminal justice system,” Wilson said.

They need to get Scagnetti…