Teen Punched, Called Racial Slur at Youth Basketball Tournament

Isolated incident.

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Notice how on group gangs up on a guy, like they are in a gang or something

I grew up playing ball in southern VA. You cannot imagine the amount of slurs I’ve been called. Several fights including one where I was followed up the street by 8+ youths who then attempted to gang assault me in front of my neighbors house. I’m sure it’s just getting worse.

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Lol@“parent(s) of the player who threw the punch”. His mother must be ashamed.


This used to happen all the time to anyone not black on the court. It was constant racist comments in aau ball and school ball. I’ve been in at least 10 fights during games or during the post game hand shake. Sometimes I went into the handshake knowing hands were going to get thrown as soon as we saw each other.

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Did she say “chink” was the c-word???

I thought “cunt” was the c-word???


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But but but…white peoples is be racist!!

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or , how about a team?

context my man, context… I wish that kid was a katana packing Samurai

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Notice how all of a sudden they stopped trying to push that narrative when the reality of it started to get attention?

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Look at all of that white supremacy.


what do you mean, it’s being reported by cbs news?