Teen who beat a WW2 veteran to death gets 20 years

Delbert Belton, who had fought in the Battle of Okinawa in 1945, was killed by Kenan Kinard during a robbery outside a bar in Spokane, Washington, in 2013.

The 17-year-old and alleged accomplice Demetruis Glenn - who is set to stand trial in March - repeatedly hit the 5ft tall 88 year old Second World War veteran with a flashlight as he sat in his car.

Adams-Kinard's mother, Tracy Adams, pleaded for mercy from the Judge and said anyone who knew her son would describe him as 'a sweet kid'.
She added that he had a 'good spirit', loved sports and went to church.
She told the court Kenan Kinard had matured since he first appeared during his time in custody.

He will serve his time in a juvenile detention center until he is 21.
When Mr Belton was buried, hundreds gathered at Greenwood Memorial Terrace to bid farewell.
Uniformed soldiers joined the mourners and the Reversand Homer Todd told how Mr Belton had fought bravely and was shot in the leg in the Battle of Okinawa.
After the war, he spent 33 years working for Kaiser Aluminum before retiring in 1982.

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Should get life the cowardly fuck Phone Post 3.0

Sorry lady, but I would have shown no mercy to your kid. None. Phone Post 3.0

I'd love to beat the shit out of the kid till he wished he was dead absolute COWARDS Phone Post 3.0

20 years means maybe 12.    But probably only 1 or 2 years after Al Sharpton and Eric Holder start calling it a travesty of justice and get him an early release.

"Sweet kid with a good spirit."

Oh, except for that robbing and beating the old guy to death thing.

Throw his fucking mom in there with him. Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0

Should be in jail for the rest of his life. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

I'm normally opposed to the death penalty but this case is an exception

People who talk bullshit in court on behalf of defendants "he is a good kid", "he has addressed his issues", "he is a family man", "he is easily influenced"..... They should all be jailed for perverting the course of justice.... Phone Post 3.0

None of you understand....the kid go's to church...he is a good and decent Christian! Phone Post 3.0

This took place 3 blocks from where I work and involved a vet so it held my attention more than these stories normally do.

People I work with saying the perp was a good kid cause he was good at sports. I told them STFU he's a POS showing his true colors and his victim is an honest to god war hero. Initially the boys tried to say that they just wanted to teach the victim a lesson after he ripped them off in a drug deal.

I think the parents and LAWYERS should go to jail with them for trying to cover up the truth.

The Aryan Brotherhood has a bounty out for these scum, I hope it gets collected. Phone Post 3.0

Would have probably been executed in my state and rightfully so Phone Post 3.0

Dindu Nuffin is a GOOD kid. Phone Post 3.0

If the state gives him 20 years for that, I hope he's not allowed to leave the state once he's out in 10 years. Can't imagine how you would want a guy like that out in society. Phone Post 3.0

That old man didn't get a second chance, why should this fuck ? 17 is old enough to be accountable as a man. Bring back the firing squad. Phone Post 3.0

Couple of steaming piles right there. And that mother is part of the reason one is all fucked up, with "thug life" being the main one. Should have gotten the needle.

Piece of shit. Should have packaged him up and sent him to ISIS.