Teenage Boy Gets Greenlit @ Mikes Gym - OUCH

Just have him a working over IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Looks like a good sparring session, if anything the shots were held back a little, he's gonna have to get used to being hit hard at some point.

I don't think greenlit means what you think it does.

Didn't look that bad to me, wasn't like dreads went for blood. Seemed like for the most part they were single strike attacks to see if the other guy would recover/offline himself rather than move straight back, wasn't like he was stringing together huge combos as fast as possible. Maybe the strikes were a bit hard for the size discrepency but overall seemed par for the course without knowing the background of either.

my dixie wrecked - Green light? I seen warm ups! Me and my boys land 10 head kicks each on each other before every session to toughen our chins! Phone Post 3.0

What kind of candy ass gym are you training in?


At my gym, which really isn't a gym but instead a parking lot of a burned out Acme, we warm up with pillow cases filled with bricks. Phone Post 3.0