Teenage Daughter bailed out on me :(

And it's Obama's fault she went back to her mother. He probably texted her. Phone Post 3.0

Can you try to bring her back but loosen the rules? Nothing outrageous like mom, but let her make some mistakes under your supervision.

Make some compromises and have her make some, like the real world.

Good luck! Phone Post 3.0

Never straight up give up on your child, but do let them figure things out on their own.

I've taken care of my step daughter since she was 8 and now she's 18. We did everything for her. She wanted piano lessons, we did it for her. She wanted to learn guitar, we did it. One time we moved and she really wanted to go back to our old area to be with her friends, so we moved back for her because we wanted her to be happy. We stayed in an area that we probably couldn't afford, just because they had a great school. I feel like it was worth it because she had straight A's every year.

We had a great relationship with her when she was younger, but as she became a teenager, she started being very moody. Her dad was a piece of shit, didn't ever really want to do anything for her. Then one day she decides she wants to live with her dad. That hurt. After everything we did for her, she wanted to be with the parent who did nothing for her. We fought with her big time over this.

We decided to let her make her own decision at 16 yrs old. So she moved in with her dad and eventually realized that maybe it wasn't the right move. However, she pushed through and made the best out of the situation, finished high school with honors. We now have a great relationship with her again and she's doing great as she just moved out on her own and started school at San Francisco State.

It's a rough situation to deal with, but at that age I think you just gotta let them make their own choices and let them live through the consequences. Always be there for your child though. Phone Post

A couple quick questions:

Does she pay for her phone/data?
Does she pay for her transportation?

If not, then stop.

Judge Mental - Turning 17 in 10 days and we had a blowup at dinner. She ran away.

Haven't heard from her since. It's been a week.

Says I'm too strict and is back living with her whore of a mother who has no rules at her house.

I'm tired of fighting for her. I've played the outstanding dad for 17yrs. I think I'm done.

My door is always open to her but don't think I'm gonna go to court and fight for her back this time. Fuck all these emotional teenage girl mood swings.

Any advice from OG dads who have been through it is appreciated bit other than that I'm just venting.


Judge Phone Post 3.0
Keep fighting. Keep caring. In years from now, she will hate you if you give up, but she'll never fault you for caring too much. Phone Post 3.0

This settles it. No more kids for me. I can't chance ending up with a daughter. Especially not one with my wife's genes.

Don't ever quit on family; stick firm to rules and guidance that you believe is in her best interest Phone Post 3.0

Thanks gang. Especially to those with similar experiences.

Me and the kid were super close. I'm as shocked and disappointed by her bailing as I have ever been.

Her mom is already spinning it to the courts and has us going in in a few weeks so that she can get another years worth of Child support and primary custody. She's a white trash cunt in every sense of the phrase.

I highly doubt the judge will grant her custody since she has already lost it to me previously and has lost custody of 3 other children from other men. Phone Post 3.0

Judge, do you think there's anything wrong with you calling your daughter's mother a whore and a white trash cunt?

Try to stay positive man. You know she is better off at your place, maybe try to leave the door open for her to come back... Also, the butthole thread is pure gold man! Chin up Phone Post 3.0

Proteus The Invincible - Judge, do you think there's anything wrong with you calling your daughter's mother a whore and a white trash cunt?
No. Because I've never said a bad word about her in front of my daughter. I am pretty sure my daughter is not reading this thread. Phone Post 3.0

Louisvillain -

You better treat her like a princess before she seeks refuge in some BBC and not only moves back home but brings a few young'uns back with her.

IIRC, aren't you a rich bastard?  If so, do you think your daughter lived an entitled life?  Would that have anything to do with her needs and wants now?

Find her.  Put her in counseling (alone, or with you).  Take her camping--just the two of you, without technology. Tell her about your wants for her life--her happiness, yadda yadda.....

I don't know.  Bishes be cray-cray.  I got 2 young daughters (4 and 7) and I think about a lot of that shit nowadays so that I'll be ready when the time comes.

I read a good book--

good luck.

Yeah I'm pretty wealthy but we live a very modest life and my daughter is very far from spoiled. We buy her only gifts at Christmas and BDay we have not bought her a car because she needs to earn her own money to pay for it. I'm sure that is probably part of the issue that frustrates her. Phone Post 3.0

No advice from me, just well wishes that everything turns out for the best.


Hopefully this works out for you!

Fuck it, if you got money then buy her a car if it keeps her from turning into your ex-wife!? Phone Post 3.0

My son is 2 and my daughter is due in Jan. I wish you the best. Phone Post 3.0

Mas Tisu -

No advice from me, just well wishes that everything turns out for the best.

I echo this same sentiment.

Mine is only 4 .

I wish you the best though.

just continue to be her dad and not just a best friend and hopefully she tire of her irresponsible mother and see the light. Phone Post 3.0

dont you give up motherfucker you keep trying. She'll always be your little girl. You have to finish the job.

cbia - Oh man. Been through some rough patches with my own daughter (17 in a little over a month).

She has lived with me ever since her mom and I got divorced - I adopted her at a young age.

Not sure I can offer that much as far as advice goes, but don't ever let her see you emotionally break from something she has done/said. She will use that same tactic every chance she gets.

She is old enough to realize that her actions will probably get adult type consequences but dumb enough not to give a crap. You are in a tough spot.

Make sure you let her know that you love her and that you are there for her, but you have certain rules.

If her mom is a first class fuckup, then none of that is acceptable and you need to get her ass out of that situation even if she is kicking and screaming. Make a judge tell you she isn't living with you anymore.


You can try and tell yourself "you're done", but you know that's bullshit. You just don't know what to do. And I understand that.

Make sure she knows how much her dad loves her and that you'll ALWAYS be there for her... NO MATTER WHAT.

The only "advice" I have is to be the adult and not let her "break" you. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. (not in front of her anyway) That's what women do... Not men.