teh prblem with bellator

here the problem with bellator: it dont matter

belator might have good fights from tiem to time, but in th end, it dont matter what results is. i watch all the bellator show jus like id o wit ufc shows, but there is a problem with the produck.

no one know who the fcuk most of the champs are becuase it dont matter. chodakov ko assakov to become new hw champ, great no one konw who the fuck these chips are so no one care. only guy in bellaort that people know at this point eddie alvarez.

they make themself not improtat by just letting their chamnps go. imagine what would say if ufc was like 'we aint gonna resign jon jones or cain velalskzuqz but in ufc title shots are earn not given awy' it dont mean shit. bjorn rendby aint got shit to say bout it anymore cuz he is a hippocrit.

thjats why bellator isnt important: because in the end it nothing but random fights that pmay or may not be good. it gt no personalit that people care about

Let me bang bro

i admire your attempt at parodying meathead UFC fans, but if you were to use this account less often and worked more on the quality of the posts themselves it'd allow you to get your point across better and be more effective. Im sure there are some good comedy writing books on amazon so that could help too.

take care.