tell me about Acai

Does anyone use this stuff with any regularity? I hear its supposed to give a nice energy boost and help focus and allows you to train for long periods of time.

Anyone who has used this stuff regularly tell me about its benefits?

I haven't noticed a buzz, but damn it tastes good!

Man its sweeeeet! Tastes so damn good. One of the things that I miss the most about Brazil...

Acai is the SHIT! I orderd some from a while back. I LOVE the stuff.

Sambazon Acai does have guarana/caffiene. . .

Sambazon also makes a cherry blend which is good too and it has like 5,000% of vitamin C.

I heard it makes you shite your drawers.

I got curious about it after reading the crazy promotional ads in grappling magazine etc.

Asking around most Brazilians told me is no big thing - just another fruit some people eat it some don't.

They didn't have much clue about its miraculous properities in the advert.

I'm yet to taste it myself though ...

It doesnt make shite your drawers. It does make your shite bit purple though :)

Acai is the fruit equivalent of Crack Cocaine. I need
my fix practically everday. My favorite recipe:

1 pak of Acai
1 cup of soy milk
1 bannana
add some granola and some almonds

And yes, it's high in fiber so you'll be visiting the
porcelein god often.

I get mine from a local health food store, i get both the acai and the
cherry, both are very good tasting.

You can get it at Wholefoods if you've got one near you.

Good Stuff - I always buy the frozen stuff but it just ends up sitting in my freezer. I'm too busy to make it and clean up the mess Eu nao tenho tempo... :(