tell me about affiliate marketing

soo.... looking at possibly doing some of this shit. I read up on it and found a message board with lots of people who do it full time.
Seems everyone is pissed off about parasites stealing their commission, that's about what I could gather from one thread there.... what does the OG know about affilate marketing?

it seems you set up a web page and for every person that uses your page to get to a merchant page and buys something you get a commission, ebay, disney and some other big time companies use it now.

The sites I read all talk about how to get your web page the highest ranking in google searches so people will click on your page to get to the merchant pages. sounds wild, these people are talking about .05 to 100.00 per purchase depending on the item

anyone doing this now or know someone that is?

thanks for the reply and the links... I 'm trying to find ways to get a "passive" income stream going. This salary and 50-60hrs a week shit just isn't cutting it.

aahhh, passive income.


The affiliate marketing most people see on the web is not really effective or profitable for most people who do it. Like network marketing, it's great for the people at the top levels, but as you get further and further downstream the profits drop big time.

I see a few problems with the post above too. First off, who reads the ezine? Why? What are they looking for?

Most of these ezines are nothing but hundreds of ads for these type of marketing why would anyone read them?

Also, as someone who uses pay per click extensively, I can tell you that your profit margins better be pretty good before you go dumping money into bidding on keywords. Testing and retesting is EXPENSIVE. I spend anywhere from $500-$1000 a month on Google alone, and that after testing about 1000 keywords to find 500 good ones.

BTW, clickbank actually provides a real service. Most of the heavy hitters in web marketing use it to track their invoices for a campaign and process their cash. I'm sure onestop2wealth offers a similar service, which is why they trash them in that form letter posted above.

No, I use PPC to drive traffic to my site and get leads that I can convert to clients. It is very profitable, and is becoming more and more a part of my business.

The affiliate part of my business is still developing, but like Gordon Hester always points out, these relationships (and every biz relationship)are based on the value I bring to the table--namely, a list of wealthy individuals who I interact with on a regular basis; a proven system for generating leads on a consistent and trackable basis; and a commitment to my affiliates to make their businesses and lives better.

A good affiliate relationship IMO is one that creates tremendous value in many ways--for everyone involved. The affiliates I am working with are not in related businesses, but each can have a real value to the other beyond a simple monetary transaction.

Perry is the man, I would highly recommend his stuff.

What exactly are you selling as your main biz?

Ok, first off you need an actual business--affiliate programs like the one you're describing don't work well because of the problem you mentioned...too much money out, not enough IN.

Affliate programs like this are a great back-end for someone invovled in selling, say, online marketing materials like "How to Set Up Your Own Money Making Website in 23 Days!". The people buying the product will also buy whatever you tell them to (clickbank, etc.) provided that there is some real value to them. Google, et al. won't do much for what you're trying to do--there is a lot of competition and not a lot of variety, so you're kind of fighting a losing battle here.