Tell me about an MMA or Grappling exhibition

Watching HDNET fights right now and they are showing Fedor fights. The just showed the exhibition between Fedor and Mousassi. I've seen the one with Fedor and Aoki before but my question is how do these things work? IS there a predetermined winner? It seems friendly yet they still kind of throw head kicks and punches. If Fedor really wanted to, I'm sure he could not Mousassi's head to the 4th or fifth row so whats the point? There was 1 time where it looked like Mousassi could have arm barred Fedor but it looked like he let Fedor out and was kind of weak on the throws. Fedor, however threw Mousassi to the mat pretty hard numerous times and then finally tapped Mousassi out. So is there like a predetermined winner going into these things?

Its a grappling match pretty much. Neither is trying to KO the other or really hurt the other. It is a showcase of talent pretty much, and the fighters are taking it easy. That said I do not know if it was a predetermined match, but I would see how it would be as Fedor doesn't lose. Entertaining regardless.