Tell me about Baret Yoshida please

Guys, i've never seen the guy, but i know he's very good. Where could i watch a tape on him? Can you tell me what he goes for a lot in grappling matches? I know they call him the "finisher" What else?? thank you, Jason Reinhardt

lay and pray. that's definelty not my style. ZST doesn't like this, and i will not do that! I want to be invited back, bro. LOL. Give me a little credit. LOL. ZST won't even alow you to close your guard. I would rather go for broke, and try to be exciting as possible. I know this guy is very slick, and i obviously respect him. I don't even know if they are matching me with him first, but i have a good feeling they might be? It's all good. Like Jeff Curan once said, "even monkey's sometimes fall from trees" I'm not flying 15 hours to Lay and Pray. Jason

He is a triangle machine, unbelievable flexibility and his guard is basically unpassable. His grappling success hasn't translated into as much success in MMA as you would think though. The guys he's lost too are all pretty good though.

However, i will pray ZST will invite me in the future to actually fight MMA in their organization. I've been told they will.

Tsuji, Thank you. I know you can't really go by his MMA loses, because they have all been to very good fighters. It will be an honor to compete against him if they match us. It's actually very exciting to think about. Do you know where i could watch any of his fights, or grappling matches????

are you in a grappling match against him, or mma?

RAZEGEAR, I'm in the 8 man grappling tournament in ZST, held in Tokyo.

crazy flexibilty.

ILL cardio.

MAD technique.

Nice guy.

Good luck & have fun in Japan.

Tell all my cousins I said "HI".

ttt you do realize now you'll have to post results here when it's over

It really is an honor to roll with Baret.

Yes, i will post results guys. I will find an internet access in Tokyo, and post results, assuming i can type after the matches. LOL j/k. Oh, wait a min. armlocks aren't popular in Japan much, but your knees are. I should be cool. lol. thanks guys.

Burton, It's going to be an honor to compete with any of the guys in the tournament, but especially Baret, if that would happen.

Jaosn, best of luck on the tournament!

have a good time there!

stipe, thank you. I'm in great shape and looking forward to it!!

You might want to look at his instructional to see where he's coming from. He has a lot of subs, some you might not recognize.

Hes super fast jumping the legs over an arm or skipping a leg under an arm for the triangle, see that a lot.

His leglocks are pretty good as well.

He has sick armbars and triangles. A very tricky guard player. He doesn't lay and pray, he's a very active grappler. He put out an instructional series, along with watching some of his matches from ADCC, I think you could work him out.

Johnny Lawrence

Cobra Kai Black Belt

John Creese's #1 Student.

All Valley State Karate Champion

I have ADCC 2001 and he gives NOBODY an easy time. 1 of the most exciting guys to watch.

He took second place in his weight division more than once in ADCC a few years ago, right after Royler Gracie, I believe. So he's one of the best BJJers in the world. He is known to have one of the best guards in the world.

His guard is bad ass