Tell me about Battlestar Galactica

My wife asked if I'd like these DVDs for Christmas (or at least one season to get started).

I have never seen a single episode of the new series. I liked the old one back in the day.

I like fantasy-related TV stuff (Heroes, Buffy/Angel, etc.), but strangely have never been a big "true" sci-fi fan - never really got into any of the various Star Treks, Babylon 5, Stargate, etc. Only sci-fi I remember liking recently was Firefly.

Worth my time to watch a 15 hour box set of the first season?

It can be entertaining. It's also frustrating because most (if not all) of the characters are very unlikable, and the writing is sloppy and occasionally wildly inconsistent. It's also ridiculous that no one ever suspects Baltar of anything, despite the fact that he can't be asked any simple question without pouring sweat, stammering and shifting his eyes around frantically.

I couldn't disagree more with orcus.

I enjoy BSG tremendously. I think it's well written, well acted, and absolutely no one is safe --- so be careful which characters you get attached to.

You should be able to see an episode or two to help make a decision. Oh....and I am completely infatuated with Grace Park (Boomer).

Cylons are like robot Skrulls, that's about all I can help with...

Dwight Schrute loves it.




Ted, there is a lot of psychology behind it, so you'd like it. What makes someone a hero or a coward, suicide bombing, ethical treatment of prisoners, and several other "gray area" issues are explored. I personally like it.

I really like it. I just finished season 2.5. There are a few 'eh' episodes, but what show doesn't have that? It's well acted and cast (old man Adama is the shit), good special effects and it has a very dark and somber atmosphere that I like.

It's definitely better than Heroes at this point, though that's not saying much.

It's a good show, but don't hold your attachments to the original series.. where Starbuck was a guy, and the character Pax has the hots for was a big black guy.

Watched all the episodes each week as sky are showing them. On the final series now. Ill be sad when it ends. Engaging fantastic series. Number6 has always been my favourite lol Phone Post

Are they seriously just finishing up showing this in the UK?

No I never got into it the first time around. They have a new channel called Atlantic where Boardwalk empire and Game of thrones new seasons show and then also old shows like Sopranos and Star trek lol. Im glad I gave Battlestar another chance. Phone Post

 Ted, you ever watch BSG?