Tell me about Brazilian girls

What are they like to date? As girlfriends? As wives?

Thanks in advance.

If you treat them well ie pay the bills and give them money (for a lot or them, not all) they'll be the best you've ever had. Phone Post

Some of them are men. Brazil has the highest number of sex change operations in the world (or at least that's what I was told and didn't care enough to verify before passing it along here)

I would say ask Arturo "Thunder" Gatti, but he's no longer with us. RIP.

I spent 3 weeks in Brazil in 2006. It was amazing. I'm now married, so I can't ever go back.

They will lick your asshole during blowjobs Phone Post 3.0

They are extremely vain...this can work out in your favor if she spins that vanity into regular gym habits, or against you if she turns to plastic surgery.

thread was missing pictures

Sooooo in Phone Post

I was there and there was a ratio of 10 girls to 1 guy.

Brazilians were all cool as shit. Did I fall in love........yes, yes I did!


My most recent ex is Brazilian. Very into herself, although I find most chicks are. Very flirtatious. With everybody. Phone Post 3.0

very moody

very jealuos

and boy does she get angry

^ yes. Super jealous. And can't speak for all, but very negative too.

Sex was aight Phone Post 3.0

I had always heard they were easy. Phone Post 3.0

clattymine - I had always heard they were easy. Phone Post 3.0
You heard right. Phone Post 3.0

They are very thorough when waxing.

. Phone Post

Their buttholes look like a cats from waxing. Pink! It was awesome. Never dated one though. Phone Post