Tell me about Caio Terra

Don't really follow what's going on nowadays, but saw some of this guys clips.
BB world champ in three years?
Wins BB absolute divisions at 55kgs?
Only trained because his mum made him?
All true?
And more...
???? Phone Post

GayGuardDudeSaucy - You forgot: About to get beat by Jeff Glover. Phone Post
What's the weight difference? Phone Post

Caio is a nice guy and a great teacher.He did a seminar where i train and rolled with us all ,it was a humbling experience to say the least.

He dislikes steroids Phone Post

Likes skittles

He eats candy like it is one of the essential food groups.

He has a monster half guard . Watch his matches with bruno malfacine from alliance Phone Post

hair gel.....

Has one of the best understandings of the bottom game ever seen in BJJ.