Tell me about Cole Miller please.

Cole is fighting on an upcoming Texas card against our own Vince Libardi... what is his style? I see that he is an ATT fighter... is he really 6'2" and 145?? That must give him a huge reach advantage and be a fun icebreaker at parties!

How good is he anyway? Vince Libardi will be coming to knock him OUT for sure!

I think they'll be trying to knock each other out, wouldn't you think? :)

Miller might try to submit him!


I have seen Cole Miller fight. As a matter of a fact He has fought my youngest son. He has substandard grappling, terrible stand up,less than average submission game, hits like a girl and absolutely no cardio. I understand he is a full time model in Miami who decided to become a "cage fighter" because of some friends taking TKD. At any rate I hear the girls love him. When he fought my youngest son he looked a like a WW II POW(no disrespect to those who have served our country). Goodluck. I am sure it will be a good fight.


Cole is a tough guy very well rounded and comes to fight everytime, hopefully you guy is ready for a war!

Jason Dolder

He's more like 5'7" and a pudgy, effeminate, 165.

OLSKOOL is 100% correct. We're sponsoring him because he is model-hot, and not because he is tough as nails. ;)

I heart Cole... and that means he can fight!

"Tell me about Cole Miller please."

He is going to win this fight. What else would you like to know?


You train at Texas Powerhouse?

If Vince is coming to knock Cole out, he better bring a step stool. There is going to be a big height difference here..........

LOL. So does Cole prefer to fight standing or on the ground? He seems to have a pretty well rounded game from his record... what sort of pace does he fight at? Libardi will be coming straight for him from the bell!

JHG, does who train at Texas Powerhouse? I meant that Vince is a Texas boy not that I trained with him if you were talking to me.

Ninja turtle is many different things to many different people...

Cole is well rounded.....

I can tell you he is not 6"2 maybe 6 ft at most.

Did anyone get a chuckle from my post?


I would say he is slow and boring, unless you like highschool wrestling. Rolijuju says 6'. I know for a fact the last time I saw him fight my younger son he was the shorter of the 2. Its hard to tell, 5'8 maybe?
All kidding aside Samantha, if your fighter likes to get down and get after it I am sure all those in attendance will be in for and enjoyable evening. It could be the fight of the night. I'll take the Miller kid and wager a cocktail. Is it a deal? I am sure it will be exciting.



muhfugguin' MAN

whats that mean?


ttt for Cole Miller.