tell me about detox

Thinking about getting a detox kit. looking for info. Also I have Crohns does thats matter?

ask your doctor

and sourcheese comes in with some excellent advice!!!!

also detox kits are retarded. They are basicaly super high fiber mixed with other crap. That other crap grabs mucous from your intestance and transforms it into something very funky looking.

I could go on for hours about how stupid detox kits are, but it doesnt matter does it?

Nope, some reason people have this fetish about taking huge shits and thinking that its amazing for them to see chunks of undigested food in them. You cant argue with these people.

thank you sourcheese if I had insurance I would. But thanks for your advise I started doing my own research and decided agianst it.

np. Freestyle, a lot of people who think about detoxing have had unhealthy diets and think that detoxing methods will get rid of residual "toxins" from a bad diet.

what was the purpose of you thinking of going on a detox? Goals?

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just to give trac a good sweep. I changed up my diet a few months ago and eat real clean and lean. Just seeing if it was worth taking to make sure it is a clean down there.

I'm a nurse and Ive assisted with colonoscopies. Ive seen the most unhealthy colons you will ever lay eyes on, and healthy ones.

I didnt see any shit rotting and festering. Detox is a gimick.

eat right, drink water, and your body does its job.

pretty much the entire large cologn. also for people who say small cologn, dont you think that md's disect them when they are in school? I had a long talk about this with a gi doc. They all do, and nothing has ever been found that the detox people claim.

Some even claim your gi tract is a second brain... would you take advice from people who say that shit? (excuse the pun)

It would be alarming if they found... something I read on one of those websights.. 15 lbs of rotting fermenting feces in all the corpses they take apart....

if it was "toxic" wouldn't it kill you

Its literally a complete scam. There is nothing behind it. Nothing.

My dad has performed 5000 + colonoscopies over his career. Never once has he found festering undigested food, calcified shit, or "toxins" and he's done them on every type of American unhealthy slob you can imagine.

If you take pills with clay particles in them, and then you shit out MIGHT be from the pills.

why would someone with a healthy colon need a colonoscopy?

"why would someone with a healthy colon need a colonoscopy?"

Its part of this shocking new thing they have now called "preventative medicine"

Basically you go in say once a year or so and have tests done under the idea that it might be better to catch something early than to wait until symptoms manifest.

But of course if you do have polyps or cancer you can just eat vegan food and your body will "heal itself" so I guess its kind of silly.

I did colonblow. It was funny as hell taking 2 foot long turds :)

just eat 100g of fiber a day and you'll never have to worry

Now, I' not up to speed on all of the detox garbage but I must admit that I have done something that resembles a detox diet. None of this kit or pill stuff. I went on a two week diet of fruits, vegetables, beans, raw nuts, with no salt or sugars. This was adhered to strictly for the full two weeks.

Purpose, was getting used to very large high calorie meals and wanted to restrict calories while still feeding myself well to readjust the body.

Results: Ate my ass off and never felt full...or not the same full on my regular diet. First 3 days felt weaker (oh, and the toilet is your much fiber). days 3-6, felt like mugging old ladies on the street for McDonalds also never realized how many food commercials are on TV. Days 7-12...felt very light, much better energy and seem to be very calorie aware (knowing when eating is more than enough and when to not eat) less cravings. Day 12-14, cravings are back only because I know it will be over soon, planning first real meal.

What happened...dropped 12 pounds while eating as much as I wanted. Normal diet isn't bad but if you eliminate sugars...well, I lost a lot of weight (though not the purpose). Felt very good and energized at more caffeine effects/withdrawls. Went back to eating "normal" meals and could only eat half of what I used to and I felt very full. If I over did it, my face would be flush.

Very interesting experience. Some people might mistakingly say this is a 2 week vegan diet but I think they are mistaken...I'm not sure exactly the origin but it felt good to do for a short period of time.

I am doing a particular raw food diet and here's what the creator of the diet said about "detox".... She basically said that the body is naturally always trying to get rid of things that aren't supposed to be there (through feces, urine, etc...) There's nothing a person can do to speed up this process. She said that the main thing when it comes to getting rid of crap in your body is simply to stop putting crap in your body. Your body will can never get rid of all the "bad stuff" if more is constantly being added.

need help. so sorry for thread hi-jack, but bluenamer fix for me. i had what appeared to be a friggin ringworm on my neck, got rid of it, now something else that itches real bad, single bump, and now has spread to a couple more bumps. i put bleach on this monster tonight, trying to kill it. i am guessing it is minor, but irritating nonetheless.

Don't bleach it, have a doc look at it.