Tell me about Eddie Alvarez...

what's his style..etc. i have never seen him fight but i see he is fighting for the MFC title and he is from NYC.

he's from Philly. trains at Fight Factory. former high school wrestling champ who's undefeated in MMA. real tough kid, and he's every promoter's dream in that he brings about (no lie) 800 screaming fans whenever he fights.

VERY exciting fighter. I can't see the kid having a boring fight. He has yet too be pushed that hard in a fight... He hits like a truck and is a strong wrestler... I love watching him fight and am a huge fan

I would hate to be a fighter that is going to be the fight after his, your name is being anounced and half the building is walking out the door

great guy and fighter.

wish him the best of luck.

cool thanks for the info. hopefully we get to see him in the UFC soon...i would think beating Noble who just fought for the UFC, might put him there.

I am surprised he hasn't been in the UFC already. Like someone said, when he fights he brings about a ton of people to the show.

now why would eddie take a pay cut to fight in the ufc?

and eddie was actually flown out to vegas to be a replacement for the second season of ultimate fighter, but they didn't end up using him.

i thought he tried out for TUF and didnt make it ? I thought he would make it for sure


he was flown out to vegas to be one of the replacement fighters, ie, like jason von flue. alas, they never used him.

i also thought he was at the original tryouts and didnt make it ?

he was at the original tryouts. dana loved him, but didn't call him until after filming had started.