tell me about financial aid

so here's the deal...

i just got laid off from my job, and as of 1/15 i will no longer receive a paycheck.

i would like to keep going to school, but won't be able to pay for schooling myself, and i made too much last year to qualify for anything other than student loans.

is there a way to appeal for some financial aid (non-loans) since i will no longer have a job?

anyone know about scholarships for a 30 year old white dude in colorado, no military history, no real affiliations with those groups they always ask you about?

a buddy of mine was telling me that he was making $900/mo after expenses to go to school with the financial aid he got.

let me know if you know of any way to get some cash (yes, i am already on all the standard "tuition" sites looking for help.)