Tell me about fruit trees

I’m looking at getting a fruit tree. In my area (southeast WI) apples would probably be the most successful.

Is it correct that I need at least 2 otherwise they won’t produce fruit unless they pollinate each other? What about those trees that have different fruits on them, are they any good? I saw ones that have two trees wrapped around each other and then I think some of them graft different tree branches onto one trunk. I don’t think I’ve seen any one with a decent tree that had the multi-fruit, so does that mean they never really grow well?

They’re fruity.

You def need more than one apple tree. I think you can have two different types of apples though.

Not sure about the multi fruit things.

Soul Gravy - They're fruity.

OP is obviously drawn to Faggotree

Soul Gravy - They're fruity.

That’s my favorite part about them.

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Soul Gravy - They're fruity.

OP is obviously drawn to Faggotree

Leaf me alone. :frowning:

should okay with apples and pears

El_Clap - You def need more than one apple tree. I think you can have two different types of apples though.

Not sure about the multi fruit things.

That’s what I gathered from reading too, that they can be two different ones. For some reason people talked a lot about having a crab apple tree as the 2nd tree, but I figure if any kind would work, I’d pick something better than crab apple.

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should okay with apples and pears

Interesting, thanks. I looked it up, I should try that.

“The cross-pollination varieties must bloom at the same time and be compatible with one another. … It is always best to pollinate fruit trees of the same genus with each other (apples with apples, pears with pears) but pears can cross-pollinate with apples as long as both trees bloom at the same time.”

Avocado trees are like cash machines.

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i lived in a burb of NYC in NJ (not rural) growing up. We had a crab apple, 2 cherry, and a black berry tree. my flav was black berry. i'd climb the tree, sit on a branch and eat my fill. same with the cherry tree, although the cherries were kinda sour. my buddy a few houses away had a fig tree.

dont recall the old man doing anything special to the trees, and they werent harvested/brought inside. we just eat what we wanted when we wanted.

 we had as a guess maybe 1000sq-1500sq for plantable land.

Need a variety of apple trees to cross pollinate. For example. If you have 2 honey crisp apple trees near one another but no other species. You’ll never get fruit. Have 1 honey crisp and 1 Fuji, both will bear fruit. 

Had grapefruit and valley lemons for the longest time. Birds eating them didn't bother me. Plenty to go around but the worms and ants just carved right into the wood. Dried them all out.

All I have now is limes

You need at least two different varieties of apples that flower at the same time. It’s not enough to just have two different varieties - if the flowering doesn’t overlap, then they won’t pollinate.

Apple trees are usually grafted - they are grown with a rootstock from one type of apple tree and a scion (fruit part) from a different type of apple tree. Make sure you get a rootstock that is appropriate for your area and the size you want. And don’t bury the graft union.

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Read up about apple maggots.

I have 10 Apple trees. They do require some work to keep them pest free  

Oh, and the fucking deer won’t leave them alone, and a bear snapped one off at the base and ate every apple  

i planted a little orchard (40 ish trees) last yearin upstate ny which is likely similar to your climate.

cortland and galas are my apples. they do well together and are bery tolerant of the cold winters we get.

also have a couple early gold pears. 

blueberries are another great fruit for us northern states. het 2 varieties since they need a cross pollenator. 

i did crimson clover as a cover crop/nitro booster.

def cover them up in the winter or gate them or everything will get destroyed by deer.

I grew up in a town where more than 50% of the land inside the city limits was orchards.

I worked picking apples, cherries, peaches, and pears as a kid every year from about 8 years old until 16.

I can’t answer this question without looking it up. That boggles my mind, I would think I would know this, but I do not have a clue.