Tell me about Gracie/ Barra BJJ

Gracie Barra has produced more black belt world champions than any other school and more than most schools combined. They are like the Magic Johnson Lakers and the Larry Bird Celtics combined. They have some of the greatest living instructors and competitors on their team including Ralph Gracie, Renzo Gracie, All of the Machado brothers, Pe De Pano, Draculino, Feitosa . . . and on and on and on.

Talk to the guys at Rigan's school in Los Angeles about the particular BB. Rigan knows the Barra guys very well and is a business partner with Carlos Gracie JR.

Good luck.

Who is the Black belt?? I'm sure he whould be good regardless of who he would be.

DJColffusion Ralf and Renzo are not Helio's sons!!!

I am a faithful and loyal Alliance man.....but you can't go wrong if he's a legit Gracie Barra blackbelt either.

What a strange question. It's like saying, "There's this guy who played 5-or 6- years for the New York Yankees that wants to coach or Middle School baseball team. What do you think about his background in baseball?"

I don't thing you will get a Gracie Baja bjj black belt who doesn't know his stuff. But other factors to consider

1) does he speak english?

2) will he put in the effort and time to make your students reach their bjj potential.

3) How old is he does he have the requisite majority to do the job.

4) What are his goals: does he really want to teach or he looking for a green card.

5) Make it clear what expectations you have for him; ask what he expects from you.

6) Is he a good teacher?

We've been through this a couple of times and I think we came out with someone pretty good, but a disappointment in some ways.

Barra is top notch. Who is the BB? No Barra guy I have met has not been cool and a technician to boot. The benefit of Barra affiliation will be all of the friends that come to train in town. I used to train with Barra and I loved when the stars would show to train.

Bignightmare, where are you from?

Jamal . . . edited my post for confusion.

To answer your question Anconas Gym, yes it is a good team and he will be good for your place.

thanks marciosimas i like hearing that

Being cool and technically proficient are not enough when it comes to running a business. You want someone committed, even handed and hard working. You don't want a prima donna who shows up when he feels like it chats on his cell phone like a 911 operator.

I'll be frank some these Brazilian guys are nice as hell, talented submission freaks and BONE LAZY! (As are many Americans of all races, colors, relegions, etc.). Don't just assume things if you're sinking you're dollars into setting up a business.

Vito , what ways were that?

Do they teach no gi grappling also?

Gracie Barra = the Best

they should teach no gi, because i have seen their no gi instructionals on the web.

I've trained with a Gracie Barra black belt and imop they are the best instructors. It seems that Carlos knows how to make his instructors great at explaining the moves. I've worked with other Black Belts that were great champions but just ok instructors. You will be very lucky if this guy takes the job. I for one, will gladly drive the 1 hour each day for classes.


keep it coming guys, I'm getting excited

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