Tell me about Gracie/ Barra BJJ

I have trained there, that academy is really awsome! Anything produced from thier is the real deal!

dude. barra guys are legit. but i'm biased against brazilian bjj bb's.

ACONAS GYM- Who is the particular Black Belt you are talking about?

I had the absolute "privilege" of attending a 2 day seminar with Marcio Feitosa this fall....if the guy is anything like Marcio, get him. He was a great teacher.

Gracie Barra = class.

I have checked him out , he's the real deal. We are just working out his arrival date and hope to have an open house in early February.

maybe even a seminar in february


Come down and train with us one day again. We are just down the street. :)


Phil who and where at down the street?

keep it coming

Phil, I may do that one day. You know I always liked training with all of you guys. I am in horrible shape right now so it may be embarrassing for me :)


I used to train with Tinguinha in Placentia. Tinguinha left our school to open his own, we were lucky enough to have 2 top Black Belts . He is a stud, cool dude and excellent teacher. His guys are tough and as mentioned above, often have the Best Barra guys around to train with. Good luck to you with your new instructor.


what kind of a kisser is he??

he's coming soon!!!!

H should be arriving mid January

happy new year

I lived in Brazil and trained at Gracie Barra for about 2 years. The guys there are of the best skill levels and character that you will find. Carlinhos has produced the finest jiu-jitsu academy in the world. The Gracie Barra family continues to grow and improve. The started a vale tudo team in 2003, and those guys should be a major threat in the MMA world here soon. The Gi and No-Gi speak for itself. Look at the guys who came from there.....Renzo, Ralph, Ryan,Roger, Igor, The Machado Bros, Ricardo and Flavio Almeida Feitosa, Gordo, Gordinho, Soneca, Roleta, Pe de Pano, Escurrega, Cafe, I could do a whole post with just names. The Gracie Barra family is the best in my opinion, and you can't go wrong by joining up. If you want to be the best you can be at jiu-jitsu, bring this guy(whoever he is).


what's up man? Are you back from N.Y.???

This is Travis from Indy. Things really haven't changed much (remember??)

Let me know when you will be back in Cincinnatti (sp?) I'd like to hook up and train a little.


Hey Eric! See you in tomorrow. I'm back from Texas now.

Great news. Do you have an idea on what your schedule will look like? Finally, LA will be on the map.