Tell me about HDD players, please.

Or tell me where I can read up on it. Thanks.


Well are you talking about the HDD player that plays Divx files etc.?

Dunno about links, but I use one myself(well my family mostly), so feel free to ask.

I have seen some new MP4 players with this. I was wondering what it was and if I need it.

sorry, I was talking about some HDD players that you connect to TV and watch, hope we are talking about the same stuff here

check out the players by




whatever you do stay away from V43

Sorry I am stupid, what is V43?

Its another player. Look into the links i posted...those are definitely the top players as of now

Those look nice, thanks for the info. BTW do you have one? How do you like it?

V43 is goes under the ISTATION

the entire production got recalled 2 weeks ago due to nasty microwave

It is actually very good but they ran away with MIC claim