Tell me about HDTVs for gaming

I've made the decision to jump into this HDTV craze, looking to buy a decent sized one... over 40 inches. I've been doing some research but it's hard to find articles which talk about videogaming (which is pretty much what I'm buying the TV for).

That said, I'm leaning towards a 42inch plasma TV. The negative sides to it is fade out and burn ins. What I have gathers is that burn ins are more of an issue in the first 100 hours.. but after that it shouldn't be a problem. As far as fading goes I'm not sure.

My main concern though is the fading, I want to have a good quality picture for as long as possible.

Just wondering what the opinions are from some of you high tech junkis here on the Gamerground. Thanks alot for any help guys.

Oh I forgot to mention I'm looking to ideally spend about 2000$... but if I see something that is REALLY WORTH IT for the extra money I'm willing to strech that out to about 3000$ max, but probly no more that 2500$.

Tyson heres a link you may find useful.. gives an indepth look at HDtvs

Lcos if you have space

Thanks Gracie, good link:)

np man

lol @ westinghouse

i have a 37" panasonic plasma and it blows away any lcd i've seen. the picture quality is definitely better than the 32" sharp & sony lcd's i previously owned.

my plasma sometimes gets slight image retention (not burn-in) from static images after a few hours of gaming because i like to crank up the brightness & contrast, but it goes away after a few hours of normal tv.

From what I can gather it comes down more to functionality than specific brands IMO. Once the screen/TV has the functions you need it comes down to what pleases your eye.

How a screen looks is so subjective and personal. The best bet is to decide on a few that have the functions you want/need and then go and see penty on display at the same time.

I always read threads like this around here. Some of you guys really know your shit.

plasma is also shitloads cheaper than lcd.

the new panasonic 37" is only $2k.

Highly recommend the Xbox link from further up this thread. That has agreat overview of them all and some good food for thought for the future too.

About the 1080ps that have been mentioned, has anyone here seen them and be able to comment on there quality? I have read that at this point you have to have a big ass screen or sit real close to the tv to appreciate 1080p, but in normal viewing it won't make that much of a difference (kind of a diminish returns idea, it is already so good that any improvements will not be noticed by the eye that much).

Yeah and as far as that 60 000 hour lamp light most of the new ones seem to have that. If you watch it 8 hours a day (rediculous amount), it would last 20 years.

... one thing I've been noticing in my research is the idea of "HD ready" or "HD compadible". I want to make sure I understand this properly, this means that the TV CAN display HD, but I will have to buy those decoder boxes or wtv right? And does this mean that I will be able to play my Xbox 360 in HD with an "HD ready" TV as is, or will I have to buy something else before I get the true HD 360 quality.

Keep in mind that for now my sole purpose of buying and HD tv is for gaming... so for regular viewing, I'm willing to wait till later to buy one of those add on things.

^^^ looks amazing.

Not sure if I'm willing to put down that kind of money though... I'm probably going to stick to the current 1080i/720p TVs, which seem to be quite alot cheaper than the new 1080p ones.

Soooooo expensive.

Yeah actually I am a member of Cosco, good idea. I'm going to go check out their TVs tomorow or on saturday see what kind of selection they have.