Tell me about home surveillance

I have a Ring setup at my mom’s house which I use to monitor her place. Slightly expensive. Now I am thinking it’s time to put one at my place.

Recently had an incident where we found out one of the many drifters that cruise our alley is aware of my girlfriend and our garage workshop (where she does her business.) This guy was asking all our neighbours if they knew where she lived, months after he had asked her if he could borrow a drill. Totally insane. She is now freaked out along with a neighbour who is a single helpless mom.

I want a simple two camera setup. I don’t want the cheapest but budget level would be ideal. Unless someone convinces me otherwise. Preferably no or low monthly costs. Wyze vs Eufy vs. _______?

Just get a couple pitbulls. They’re good dogs, and great home protectors.

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wireless is as easy to hack as your net service. companies listening in on that shit, like ring.

I’d personally go with a hard wired system, and attach it to your personal cloud

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Any specific concrete examples? I want to hardwire it but it seems like a pain to drill through the exterior walls of the house and also deal with probably upgrading the router to handle the range etc. Would love to look into it with specific examples though

The Arlo 4K series are pretty decent for a DIY home system but are a little pricey.

Whatever you end up doing on the cameras, I would also get you gf a gun and some range lessons.

I am armed and have taken a number of combat pistol and rifle courses taught by a friend who was in the SEAL teams. I am fully prepared for worst case scenarios. My girlfriend is completely disinterested in firearms and fully depends on me. This is a deep psychological thing - she just doesn’t want to fuck with guns.

I previously didn’t want to buy cameras because it’s a rental but I think it’s time to just get some for peace of mind. There are just an incredible number of drifters and they are very aware of any minor changes in the neighbourhood (when something that wasn’t locked is now locked or a different car is parked etc)

Get her a gun teach her to use it or dont say a word when bad shit happens.

i looked years ago, so i dont, just warning against wireless-