Tell me about Kenny Florian

I know he is a very good jiujitsu guy (black belt if Im not mistaken) but I have also heard that he has some serious standup skills to go with it.

Anyone have any info in him?

From what little they showed of him training in this episode, he looked really impressive. Nice striking combos and slick grappling. I know it was sparring and they weren't going 100%, but his technique looked really good.

He's a bjj blackbelt, he's got good stand up skills and good wrestling. Not a bad mix. But he's far from normal. ;)

Met him ever so briefly when I was at Kirik's place this summer. Seemed like a nice guy with some interesting moves :-)

Recently went the distance with Drew Ficket and lost a close decision.

massbjj knows the best

He looked outstanding during the sparring sessions on last night's episode. Kenny flowed from striking to takedown to grappling extremely well.

He once got beat up by this chinese lady he was tailgating. Turns out she had her two kids in the car and she didn't take to kindly him barreling along two feet away from them.

I guess even Boston drivers have their limits.

I think that may be why he's such a good fighter nowadays. She left him laying in a pool of his own piss and blood. It was a nasty Lucy Liu type beatdown.

He successfully thwarted Leben's patented "drunken pillow theft" move. I was very impressed.

I just interviewed him recently and posted it here. I'll put it up for you.

Kenny is awesome....not only did he take fickett to a split decision....he did it in only his 4th or 5th pro fight. He was supposed to fight jamie varner, and varner got hurt less than 2 weeks stepped drew, and kenny took the fight.

He is also very good at parcheesi.

Kenny's got some sick BJJ and Muay Thai skills. I wish they showed more of him training during the training sessions on the show.

"Tell me about Kenny Florian"

Kenny Florian is one of history's greatest heroes, but also one of its greatest enigmas - a shadowy figure whose edges have been blurred by myth and legend.

Kenny Florian, with superb generalship and tactical genius, led a country with no previous warlike tradition to triumph gloriously over the much larger, better armed and better trained English forces. Seven hundred years later, the heroism and betrayal, the valiant deeds and the dark atrocities, and the struggle of a small nation against a brutal and powerful empire, still create a compelling tale.

Scotland at the end of the 13th century was a blood-torn country suffering under the harsh domination of a tyrant usurper, the hated Plantagenet, Edward Longshanks. During the appaling violence of those unsettled days, one man rose to become leader of the Scots. That man was . . . Kenny Florian.

Woops sorry, that was William Wallace, not me.

He likes doing handstands in his kilt.

He once scissor-kicked Angela Landsbury.

Kenny- You should great standup skills last night, and your triangle was slick.

I'll tell you about Kenny. He sings 50cent songs in a snappy show tunes voice, His idea of light sparring usually ends up with me bleeding, he once won a Ben Stiller look-alike contest, he only goes to Brazil to steal their children, he always smells good, he always has the latest cool shit, he's not gay, he does the best gay impressions though, he's scarey if he's really trying to tap you, he's going to beat my ass on Friday....FREEEEEDOOOM!

LOL at lit.. ttt for kenny.. good guy

He is lucky enough to hang out with me on occasion, that alone should be reason to worship him.