Tell me about Machado Dallas

Hey Texas guys! i was wondering if you could give me some info on the Dallas Carlos Machado academy. I may be taking a trip down there in the not too distant future and would like the "real" low-down.
Class size, how many upper belts, # of techniques taught, warm-up?, overall vibe, etc. Does Carlos teach ALL the classes? How often is he in town, etc.

Thanks so much!


Carlos is the main instructor and rund a professional school with los of upper and black belts on the mat

Carlos is a great guy and seems to have a lot of knowledgable students. That's really all I can comment because I compete in all his tournaments but live in southeast N.M. I will say that he is one hell of a stand up guy. When I met him he went out of his way to introduce himself and thank me for coming to the tournament.

Machado= great

Carlos Machado is a really good guy! He will make you feel welcome. There are always plenty of good guys to train with there. Some of the worst ass kickings I ever recieved were at the hands of two of his black belts known as the Colorado Brothers. Damn them to hell!;) They're good guys too!

So does Carlos teach his classes or do the other guys? And How many black/ brown belts are there @ an average class?

Does he do much of a warm up? Spill the beans man!!!

I visited his school a few times when I was in Dallas and was REALLY impressed with his instruction, personality, and students. Class act and an excellent teacher.

Carlos has some ugly students.


Except for this guy.  He's hot!!






wow is that Bruce Willis with Carlos? I can't tell because of the few pixels

i travel a lot and had the chance to train there a few years ago. I had a great time and will go back next time i am in Dallas. There was between 15-20 students in the night class. Carlos was the instructor. A few Tech and a lot of rollin is what i remember. I even got my tail handed to me by Carlos himself. A lot of the other places i go, the headinstructor dosnt get out there. Also Carlos was one of the nicest guys i have ever met. Class had a good spread of White, blue, purp, and browns.

wow is that Bruce Willis with Carlos

No, but I have been mistaken for Stone Cold Steve Austin on several occassions.

Carlos teaches the classes 95% of the time.  Most of the blackbelts in the area come from Carlos so on any given night you could have 2-3 blackblets, 4-5 brownbelts, a bunch of purples and blues, etc.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


Rodney, thanks for the reply. BTW, how's the vibe there for the women? My girl also trains and was wonderin about that aspect as well! We may be coming down w/ her job for some computer training, and was wanting all the intel we could get.

Thanks again!!!

Hodney, i'm here in Texas. What is your email, i have a question.

Carlos is a great coach and makes sure to take care of all visitors male or female.   When you are down shoot me a PM and I'll make sure to let Carlos know.  I'm sure you'll have a great time. 

I currenlty don't have an e-mail I can post on the forum. You can shoot me a PM @ JJGear.

It looks like i have to sign up to Jiu Jitsu Gear's forum.

could you shoot me an email to

Carlos is a profession and once you meet him you will have only good things to say.

BTW - there are some tough guys in that room.