Tell me about Marlon Sandro

One of the first names announced for the Sengoku 2009 Featherwight Grand Prix. Fought most of his career in Shooto Brazil, with his last three being in Pancrase. 12-0 for his career, and the reigning Featherweight King of Pancrase. Seems to be a methodical grappler who prefers to stand and throw straight punches if he can, but has some good takedowns. Biggest win was over Miki Shida last year.

Video interview here:

Has anyone trained with Sandro or encountered him elsewhere?

 Nova Uniao baddass.

Not unlike many of the other Nova Uniao guys, is extremely technical on the ground but has developed great stand up skills.

Honestly, of the names announced so far I only see Hatsu Hioki as someone who will give him a good fight.

At the same time, hasn't fought anyone on the level of some guys who may show up in this tournament, like Hioki and Yuji Hoshino.  Should be a great tournament.



Here is the list of confirmed(*) and rumoured opponents:

Sengoku Featherweight GP Participants:

Marlon Sandro *

Hatsu Hioki *

Nick Denis *

Ronnie Ushikawa *

Chris Manuel *

Masanori Kanehara *

Chan Sung Jung *

Tetsuya Yamada *

Shintaro Ishiwatari and/or Michihiro Omigawa

Nam Phan

 Damn I'll be disappointed if they don't get Yuji Hoshino for this.

he head spiked that guy on TUF! it was awesome

Sandro vs. Shida

the guy he just beat for the KOP belt... how the hell did he get that title shot ?

Naughty Gorilla - the guy he just beat for the KOP belt... how the hell did he get that title shot ?

 Hmm, good question