Tell me about Millenia

I want to know a little about Millenia. I recently moved this way from OC and am looking to train again.

A few questions

What if I am not and do not want to train for a fight? More for recreation. and to get in shape. Are there many dudes that train there for recreation? Are there many dudes over 200 pounds that train there? Why should I train there? Thanks

Milenia kicks ass. You have guys like Javi, Mac, Gabe, Alessio, and Romi training you. What more could you ask for?


Mac Danzig is a great trainer. He helped me so much with conditioning and my grappling over the last 2 years. I have also trained with Gabe too and he is a great grappler. Good luck if you train there. Come down and train if you can at the old place someday :)

I am FAR now man. So any dudes my size around those parts?

Actually, I only know from what I see when I train with Mac. When I saw the start of the group classes there were people around your size, a couple for what I have seen. I think all the classes are no-gi. They will have you back in shape in no-time there.

PS I still remember from four years ago when the purple belt (he is now a brown belt) tried to take you down, not knowing your background. :) Seeing you train with him got me in gear for wrestling, I have been working on my wrestling, but I still can't take down the coach though. Good luck

The training tended to be a little more intense than the usual casual classes, but there were plenty of people that were not fighters. Romie is a great instructor, as are Gabe, Mac, Pete, John and all the rest. Go try it out, and judge for yourself. I am in Australia now, so I ofcourse don't train there much :)

the rev

Mac can get anyone in shape to fight. He is one of the best trainers in MMA by far.

Mac helped me lose 30lbs, so I agree for sure.

Mac Danzig taught me how to shave

He also taught me why the sky is blue, which fork is for salad, and how to make love to a women.

Mac can get you in shape and teach you valuable life lessons.

MILLENNIA sucks though



At Millennia we have plenty of people that just train for fun/fitness. We dont push anyone to fight that doesnt want to, in fact alot of times students come in thinking they are going to be training for fights right off the bat, and it doesnt go like that.

We have a great group of instructors/fighters which makes the training tough, but fun.

You are more than welcome to come and try out a class for free. I would suggest a Tuesday of Thurs night, because those are usually the biggest classes and the 2 nights where there is fighters practice, No Gi grappling, and thai boxing

All of that plus the life lessons of Mac Danzig. How could you go wrong?

I will come by when I get back in town after the New Year. That will give me some time to at least run up the heart rate a few times. I am FAT and SLOW and CARDIOLESS.

P, Good to hear from you bro. That was a fun day back at the old place. I had no clue what I was doing but I did not want that prick to just walk through us like that. NO WAY!

Thanks for the info.

SSUp Gabzilla. How'd the tat turn out?



I heard Gabe ROCKS at kara-te :)

Fletchmonster, the work came out really nice. I was going to roll the next day, but I was tired and I didnt want to risk infection with my new work. Thanks for rolling though, you've got some skills.

Furacao, "WHO'S THE MASTER?!!"



kieths, you are not allowed on any threads regarding Millennia until after Jan 22nd =)

THose guys are truly class acts.. GREAT PLace to train!

Jason Miller