Tell me about MK:Deception...

Played some old school MK 2 this weekend with some buddies of mine and it got me interested in picking up the new (somewhat) MK:Decpetions title. I would appreciate some opinions on the title, graphics, fun, controls, etc...ive read some reviews and all seem pretty positive, please let me know what you have experienced/thought of this title. BTW My favorite MK title to date has been part 2.

It's been on my HDD pretty much unplayed... I wouldn't mind hearing some thoughts too..

Are the fatalities cool?

IGN has a couple fatalities for dl, check it out. Can we linked to ign without pissing them off?

Nah, they're not as bad as M$ hating gamespont, but still fairly tight.

Both deadly alliance and deception were good games. Its the rebirth of the series and I for one like the direction.