Tell me about Oswaldo Alves

Technical director of Gracie Barra. King of wristlocks, strong Judo background... Seems like Yoda in a gi...

bibano fernendes(sp?), fredson paxaio, ammury betteti, paulo filho, andre galvao, saulo, andre galvao, and more all have had something to do with him... seems like a god to me.

i remember jacare wearing one of his patches too.

I hear he has some good drills

I just watched his instructional and this guy can wreck your wrists.

True living legend!

beowulfgsd - i remember jacare wearing one of his patches too.

ASLE (Jacare's home academy) used to be affiliated with Oswaldo.


great video from the master...thanks

Heard he also trained judo at the kodokan for a while, with yamashita.

2nd video is amazing, i cant believe some of the wrist locks he does its mind blowing


Underrated! One of the great bjj Masters. Sergio Penha. Ask Rickson and his family about it. Purple belt gives JC of bjj fits and looses by family cheating.

Oh yeah, Fredson ain't half bad either. Alves is the man!!!