Tell me about Quincy Rice

I became aware of him in 2008 when he OWNED Frank Trigg on Tagg radio and made him trigger like a snowflake. Loved it and became a fan of him. It was extremely sad that he passed away and the post was very hearbreaking.

Yet here I am in 2021 and I want to know much about him. He seemed like an interesting person and in a way I want this thread to continue honoring him. Please tell me all the amazing stories. I heard he had a run in with Eddy Bravo and had a scuffel with the Gracies.

RIP Quincy.

   Opiates and addiction are a dangerous combo. Was very sad to hear when he passed.

  Our country has been at war since I finished highschool 91. I have lost 5 people I grew up with who have died because of these drugs not counting Q he is someone I know of and have met a few times. I do not know anyone who has died in battle. Opiates are dangerous shit. 

If you know anyone fucking around with these drugs encourage them to stop.

  I did not know Quincy very well. But I spent a fair amount of time reading his threads here. He was entertaining online. He liked to mix it up and troll the hell outta people.  It was fun to witness. But he could be very disrespectful. 
   Also I did have a couple opportunities to be around the man. In person I found him to be much more human. Less pro wrestling or online trollish. 

 I had the opportunity to go to a high school and teach high school kids jui jitsu or submission grappling at a seminar with Quincy. 

 Now its not some Hollywood story. So theres not much to it. But heres what happened as best as I can remember and quickly write here. I am no writer. 

  I was teaching Jui Jitsu as a blue belt at a Gracie affiliation. Hey. It was the 90s. A buttflopper could teach as a bluebelt in Michigan. The owner of the training association asked if I would help him teach a seminar at a local highschool with Quincy. I agreed. 

  Now I knew of Quincy from gym rumors and his online presence. He had trained some with my coaches and guys I rolled with but did not train regularly at our school.  I knew he trained with Dan Severn. Also he had beaten a training partner of mine in a judo tournament. Then gotten into a thread on here about the match. And argued about the details of the match. He was correct and my good friend was wrong.  

 So my friend was ipponed in real life and online by Trainjudo.  But in typical Q style online. He was not very polite about it. I did not witness the judo match so cannot attest to how that went. I just know that Quincy won it. 

  The online argument stemmed from the fact that Quincy claimed to have thrown my buddy. My friend was not a judoka. But he liked to compete and hence there match. Long story short Quicy used some sort of trip to ippon my novice buddy. Online he said he threw him. Which I believe was correct using judo terminology.  My friend argued online that he was never “Thrown”. As he felt that meant to be hurled thru the air. Which he was not. 

  So this is what I knew of Q at the time. He was a training partner of Dan Severn. If your reading this you know what kinda cache that has to martial artist in the know at that time. He was a good wrestler with very good submissions. He had fought some MMA. He was a consistent poster on this board and I would read his post when I saw them. 

   I expected to not like Quincy. From his persona online. To his encounter with my friend online. To just being competitive in training he was from another school. I expected to roll with him at some point. Unfortunately I never did. 

   However we taught a seminar to high schoolers together and I liked him. He was clearly very skilled. He was respectful, kind, thoughtful, and tough. He had an intensity that the kids loved. There were around 60-70 students. High schoolers. Full of energy, nervousness, and cockiness. 

We did a typical seminar for those times. At the end Q and I rolled with all the students as many times as they wanted. The were noobs so we could tap them at will. I was playing a very passive style. Trying to not use any power. I wanted to demonstrate technique. Q was smashing kids. Giving them a full speed demonstration what it was like to grapple with an experienced MMA fighter.
The kids had formed 2 lines. One for me and one for Q. Most kids rolled bet 4-6 times with each of us. After the first time threw the line. I noticed Qs line got much longer. The kids were attracted to the intensity and speed that Quincey had on the mat. He was a very good teacher and good martial artist and truly a Droog.
Q you are missed brother. Oss
Train Judo!
Darrin Miller

I knew Q from coming up in the Michigan mma scene, and I also used to ref his promotion . Q was a good man . What you see is what you got with him . He did not hold any words when he talked to you . If you asked him his opinion, you better be ready for the cold hard truth . When I first turned pro I asked him what I should work on to be better and he told me to stop trying to stand and bang, go back to what I was good at and that was dropping mother fuckers on their heads . I miss that guy around the scene. I didn’t personally train with him but I had some friends that did and he truly touched their lives in a very positive way . He will always be missed and loved on the mitten scene. They truly do not make them like him . One of a kind man

His judo for jack asses videos on Youtube are hilarious.

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Had no idea he passed. Very sad, he was an OG forum member. When was it ?


RIP for the olympics

would be disgusted by the fake win by Japan for men 60kg

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I’ve seen video of him buttflopping.

I had been going to a gym called Combat Sports and Fitness in Westland, Michigan for a few months as I finished my senior year of high school. I had trained with James Beneteau and Dave Garcia, two of his old training partners from the old Metro Fight Club days. All of a sudden Quincy showed up out of the blue from Florida, he was a small guy with a raspy voice and a knack for talkin’ shit. He was our new grappling coach and he could GRAPPLE…he would tap me 5 times in a round and I’m a heavyweight former high school wrestler. I ended up being on his fight team, “Team Effort” for a couple years before the gym folded. Quincy had cornered me in maybe 5 of my 8 amateur fights(went to a split decision with a current UFC fighter) and he was my favorite guy to have in my corner. He also cornered me to a third place finish in the black/brown belt division of the Michigan State Judo Open. He ended up starting Jackson MMA out in Jackson, Michigan and I stayed in Metro Detroit at Stars and Strikes MMA with James and Dave. During that time I was awarded by Dave, Quincy and Walter Lamb my black belt in Submission Fighting…was one of my proudest moments. Quincy was my coach, friend, he also was a super smart guy that actually cared about people…loyalty mattered to him and he would defend you even if he knew you were wrong because he valued those relationships. He was a good man and I really appreciate everything hes done for me. I ended up joining the Army around that time and I was on a pre-deployment movement to NTC and I got a call from James that Quincy had passed…I didn’t know what to do…Q was a good dude, he’d give you the shirt off his back…I’m glad I got to meet a great human being like Quincy Rice.


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Wtf edit

I think a couple of instructors at DC Judo came from the Metro Fight Club?

I’m not aware of any, do you know there names? I was a kid during the height of the MFC, so I only know a few of the “OG”. I can figure out if they were if you know their names.

One guy is Sensei Terrence. I Forgot the other one’s name. They are now in DC and it was closed due to COVID last time I was there in October.

According to Dave Garcia an OG at MFC said that Terrence didn’t look familiar. But before MFC, the gym was called Lamb’s Dojo/Detroit Dukes in late 80’s/ early 90’s so the Terrence guy could have trained there…depending on time frame.

Hey man! Long time no talk. Hope all is well with you!

I just found this thread. Quincy was sort of my coach for a bit. It was before I took training serious so that’s why I say the sort of part, certainly not any disrespect to him. I sort of had a reputation on this site prior to joining the gym. So day one that I join in and start working out I saw him talking with a couple of the other coaches looking over my way. I knew enough to keep my mouth shut in the gym(At least at that time). At one point Quincy calls me over when we stop for a break. We talk a bit and he invites me to roll with him. I knew at that point what was going to happen. He proceeds to tap me to just about everything and just in case he missed my tapping from the first 5 armbars he threw in a few more. Don’t get me wrong he never hurt me. He wasn’t like that. I think he was more or less checking to see if I was going to be humble, mouth off or run out of the gym with my tail between my legs…

That gym was brutal. It was in a strip mall and had no AC. He had moved to another gym for a bit. I tagged along for a bit. I really wasn’t into it much. I ended up quiting and I told Quincy I was quitting and why. He said he understood and that was that. I was friends with another guy in the gym prior to me joining. He had stuck with it after I left. He told me Quincy had moved his gym down south and James, one of the other coaches was going to do his own thing. James is a good guy and I ended up joining his gym. I took MMA a bit more serious at that time. I don’t think Quincy cared much for me afterwards or maybe even before that. He seemed more distant than he had in the past when we would talk.

I would see him from time to time at local fights and sometimes he would bring his students up from his gym to train with us. He had some really great students. I quit MMA on a sour note. Then I just really didn’t want anything to do with MMA for a long time. I stopped talking with everyone including Quincy. Then he died a while afterwards. I never had any clue about his problems. It was obviously present when I trained at his gym I just never saw anything that would lead me to believe he had an issue.

I was also lucky enough to train with the likes of the great Andrew Morton.


Hey Dave,
All is well…I moved back to Michigan a few months ago, I’m coaching Wednesday nights at Stars. Hope all is well dude.

Good to hear man! You were always a good dude. I think I remember you got married as well right? I didn’t even know you moved out of Michigan. Things are going well. No complaints. Tell James, Jew #2 says hello. I hope he’s doing well too!

Merry Christmas!