Tell me about Replacing Shocks & Struts

on my Jeep Cherokee.

Is it pretty easy to figure out?  do I need special tools?


or should I save myself the headache and hire someone to do it?

There might be some videos on youtube. Phone Post 3.0

I just did mine on my truck. If they sell a "loaded" strut you can probably do it yourself, but you'll need some pretty large sockets. The loaded struts come with a new spring on them otherwise the spring has to be removed and placed on the new strut. That takes a special rig and looks like a lot could go wrong. Shocks are super easy tho. Phone Post 3.0

You can rent a spring compressor from your local auto parts store for around $50. Go on YouTube for instructions. Super easy. Phone Post 3.0

100% do it yourself. Phone Post 3.0

thanks guys.  i will give it a shot!

Do it yourself, but get the springs and struts,while you're under there why not replace both? Phone Post 3.0

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thanks guys.  i will give it a shot!

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thanks guys.  i will give it a shot!

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Spray down all the bolts with liquid wrench or wd40 the day before you do it. To loosen thing nuts and bolts. I snapped off the rear shock bolts and had to have new brackets welded in. Phone Post 3.0

Sure, you take old shocks and struts that are worn out and aren't working so well anymore, and you replace them with new ones that are going to perform well and perform well for quite some time.

Bro I've done it a few times on two different cars of mine. One time I was taking out the springs that were cut on my cutlass supreme and the fucker launched out, almost decapitated my friend, and got stuck in a brick wall. Be safe and watch some vids first. I wish I had YouTube back then, it was in the late 90's. Last time I changed the suspension on my Honda and it was easy. Phone Post 3.0

ChrisFix on YouTube Phone Post 3.0

youtube it, buy a couple cans of "PB Blaster" penetrating oil from auto parts store or home depot, and start soaking the nuts & bolts a few days before you do the work, a few times a day. Take new springs/shocks to auto shop, have them assemble, they have wall mounted spring compressors, might charge you $25 or so. Have a full socket set, some matching wrenches, and a couple ratchet extensions. <br /><br />chock your wheels and use jack stands.

I'll second the PB blaster for all bolts before doing the job. Phone Post 3.0

My opinion, if you have air tools, go for it.  If not, pay to have it done.  With air tools it is simple, 10 minutes a piece for shocks, 40 minutes a side for loaded struts.  If you are going to reuse your springs on the struts, an impact gun will allow you to compress and disassemble the strut in a few minutes, as opposed to almost an hour.  


Air tools = Job well done, finished in half a day.

No air tools= Spent all day, broke a bolt, busted knuckles, only get one side done because you ran out of time or motivation