Tell me about: RSS Feeds

I'm working on building an RSS reader.

My understanding is that RSS feeds are in XML format. However, when I go to an actual RSS feed in my browser, it comes up in HTML.

Example - RSS 2.0

"Here are sample files for: RSS 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0."

If you click on the "2.0" link, you will get this - Viewed through browser

If you then view the source, you will see HTML code, complete with div tags, etc - NOT XML.

When I right-click and download the file, though, the file clearly IS in XML format. It has the channel, item, title, description, etc tags that I need.

So... When I process the feed in my code, will it pull the HTML version... or will it pull the XML version? I really want to work with the XML tags, rather than try to dig through the HTML tags.

Thanks in advance!

It will probably pull the XML version. The reason you are seeing HTML is because your browser is prettifying the RSS feed so it looks better to a normal human being, maybe by using an XML transform or something.

The web browser reconstructs an XML RSS feed into HTML by measuring the surface gradient from the transmitted RSS and applying a Fourier transform to the surface gradients to reconstruct an HTML bitstream that corresponds to the original XML. A mean gradient field is also added to align the bits correctly on the reconstructed HTML.


If you click the source of an html page (nevermind it came from an rss feed) it will always be in html. As stated before the browser is doing some type of transform so it can display it.

Anyways what is the project for? What language?