tell me about sparrow tats

seen a lot of those birds on people- any deep meaning? I kinda like them.

it started with seamen...

a swallow on the right shoulder indicates that a sailor had 5k miles at sea and swallows on both mean that a sailor has over 10k miles at sea.

coincedence? i think not.

From what I was told they also mean "These fists fly". I guess it's pretty popular with the tough guys/fighters over in the UK....

The Birds on the hands are "Swifts" = swift hands, my grandad has some old school tatts.


well I think I am going to get 2 of them. not because my fists fly- but because I like them.

Blake... Those of us who have seen you fight KNOW that your fists do indeed fly! But you are right, those tats are pretty sweet... Where are you going to get them?

well my fists have flown in the past on occasion- thats not why I am getting them- although its kind of a cool second meaning. I am getting one on the back of each arm- right on my tri.... size is going to be maybe 4x4 inches...old school coloring. I have the appt not this wed but next. Jason you're out of here soon right?

Yep leaving tomorrow actually. Im Currently up in Norfolk NAS in Virginia. We fly out tomorrow AM. Today sucked ass leaving my wife and 3 month old kid in Charleston... Oh well, part of the job :(....

You'll have to post some pics of your new ink when you get it. I've played with the idea of getting swallows on both sides of my rib cage. Painful, but cool. Ima hold off on that. My next piece is a half-sleeve in traditional Japanese style. Probably get that when I get back in March...

What studio are you going to?

well in SC it just became legal as you shops here in town. However, a buddy of mine runs a shop in GA and works on friends from home on the weekends. he's real real good and will hopefully be the first to open a shop here in Anderson. Be careful wherever you are going- sucks so bad to leave the family bro. I'll post pics here next week.

Yeah leaving never gets any easier. This is my 7th trip to the middle east. The wife understands and can deal with it, don't get me wrong she thinks it sucks, but now it's a whole different story with my little boy in the mix. My first kid and it's changed everything. Now I'm missing some very important developmental months in his life..... Anyway, enough talking about that, my bloods starting to pump and I'll end up pissed off again....... I'll be continuing to post on this site while I'm gone. Definately put those pics up when you get the work done...

Do you still think you will make it to Jeremy's fight in October? To be honest I'm not sure who else will be up there with him. We have three other fighters on the card that train at the main gym I train at, but I don't think Jeremy knows them very well. Oh yeah, you're going to Thailand soon aren't you???

hey love birds ever heard of email!

yes we have heard of email but this works the same.

anyway- yeah bro headed to Thailand next month- but I will DEFNINITELY be there for Jeremy's fight. I'll post a link to my pics on next wed.

Good luck JHG, be safe.

Anderson, SC?...I'm not that far from you at all.

Good deal, Jeremy definately will need a good cornerman...

Got here yesterday.... Woohoo let the games begin! LOL!

Take care, look forward to seeing those tat pics...

Let's see that ink! Today was the day right?!

yep today was the day! 2 hours courtesy of Todd Wilson Skin Grafix tattoo... Helen, GA you cant see my other stuff in this pic but his work continues inward on my bicep and up to the front of my arm. actually you can see a tiny bit if you are looking for it.