Tell me about the Corvette

I know nothing about cars, but I do know that this car is the best looking one out there. I've always loved it since i was a kid. A black one would be preferable.

Please tell me about it, name, model, horsepower, everthing. I'm just interested and I'm definatly getting one when I get the money. What do they usually cost in the states?

~50k for the base hardtop to ~80k I think for a z06. Base engine is a 346 inch LS1 making ~350hp/375lb/ft. Z06 has the LS6 which makes around 425hp, 425lb/ft.

The pic you had there was a C3 and older style of Corvette. The one Jonwell described is the C5 corvette which is just about to end its run.

The Corvette is the best sports car dollar for dollar and it has been a mainstay on top 10 lists. It has great power and handling, and the Z06 version has even more of both.

The cars are very well refined, because they are made in significant numbers for such a performance car it is very reliable and comfortable. You can't compare the way a Viper drives to the way a Corvette drives.

There is also a very large aftermarket for Corvette's and you can go crazy with aesthetic mods as well as performance modifications. There are quite a few Vettes out there running over 600 rwhp with some getting as high as 900 and a few in the quadruple digits.

Bottom line is that it is a great car and if you get one you will love it and the lifestyle that goes with owning a car with such a ruch history as the Corvette.

If you want some good info on these cars visit it is a great place full of knowledgeable Vette owners.

the vette actually bases around 47k and the zo6 is the hard top. it tops around 52k. 80k is way up there. that is more viper price. they are giving the zo6 a rest for 04 or 05 i forget and rumors of a 500hp zo6 to come out the year after they stop the production for a year (either 05 or 06)

the z06 is not just the hard top, it's the one with the beefed up engine, and sticker prices I've seen around town are 80k.

jonwell usually knows his stuff.

Thanks guys!

Any more info on the actual modell on the pic i posted above? It's one of those I want.

Jonwell you live in the states right?

80k is way way too much, if it was in Canadian dollars then it wouldn't be bad but they should run you about 55k in the States. Also with the C6 looming dealers are practically giving C5's away, I have heard of many people getting 6-9k off sticker price and getting below dealer cost.

Backwardsman is correct. The Z is not going to be produced for a year and there should be a new one out for the 06 production year. All the hints are pointing to about 500 hp, and some of the head honchos have been saying things like 427 regarding cubic inches.

There has also been talk of some carbon fiber body panels as well to reduce weight, and we might even see a super vette by 07 or 08 with over 600 hp, but that is just rumour now nothing is confirmed.


I'm not a 'vette expert, but I've been around a few of them. The car in your pic is a mid-1970's model. That basic body style came out in '68 and continued through 1982.

They had chrome-plated bumpers from '68 through '72. In '73, I believe the front bumper was body colored and the rear was chrome, and in '74 all the chrome was gone.

The first few years, they had the most horsepower. By '73, power was way down. By '76, the car was REALLY neutered (low compression ratios, horribly restrictive catalytic converters, and teensy-little camshafts) and performance numbers are lame compared to today.

Lots of parts out there, though. To rectify the performance of the later models, all you have to do is build the motor properly (as long as you do not have to comply to emissions testing). The brakes were excellent for the time, and still good by today's standards. Dick Guldstrand and Herb Adams both made (and probably still make) parts to make these cars handle VERY well (over 1g. on skidpad).

I have a friend with one for sale, I think it is a '76 model.



I hope those $80k Z06's you're looking at have a lot of Lingenfelter parts in them. this site will show you all the modles currently available and the prices. that vette in your pic is not a new one. like a few others have stated it is a 70's model. if you can afford one i would get a 69 L71 or an L88. L88's however run around 100k. pretty rare. you would probably pay as much for an L71 as you would for a new vette and they make around 435 hp. they have a pretty aggresive hood as well.

there are no 80K Z06's, whoever pays that much for the car is a retard.

you should pick up a new Z06 for around 50-53K.

and they zo6 only comes in the hard top. they did that because it is the most rigid body of the three models. (coupe conv, and hard top)

This is Newport I'm thinkin of guys :P

So how much horsepower would an early modell have? What are the good ways to increase that?

See, I'm a total newbie when it comes to cars. =)


It just depends upon which motor is in the car. Some had a "base" motor in them, which would so-so performance. Then, there were optional motors (like the L-88 mentioned above) that made HUGE power - but cars with the "optional" motors typically cost MUCH more.

A '75 through '79 model would have a low compression 350, and would be the cheapest models to buy. They typically have enough horsepower in stock configuration to run in the 15-second range at the dragstrip. From there, typical "hot rodding" stuff can greatly increase the power. A set of good headers with a decent exhaust system, with some tuning, and the car will run in the 14's.

Beyond that, it just depends upon how much money you want to spend. 350 to 400 horsepower can be had for not too much money, and there are ALOT of different ways to get there. If you have the money, 1,000+ horsepower is possible!

l71 vette was rated at 435 hp and the l88 was rated at 430 but actually put out around 500. it wasnt rateda t the peak power for insurance reasons. Now if you can find a zl1 vette and can afford it get it. they made 2 in 69. it put out 600 hp. if my memory serves me correctly they never made it to production but they did make 2 of them.

Wouldn't it be possible to buy a ZL-1 over the counter and install it into a C3?

How about turbos, are those already installed in the cars? If not, how much effect can be expected from one? What's the difference in effect between a good turbo and a stock turbo?

Great info guys, keep it comming!

Fet- GMPP sells ZL1 shortblocks, I'm pretty sure, but they're really expensive. Aluminum blocks are nice tho, especially aluminum big blocks.

A vette has never had a turbo from the factory, they generally rely on big inches for power, and it works. If you were to turbocharge a stock LS1, you could expect a good 150 hp before you started having problems. With a purpose built turbo motor from an LS1, well, seriously sick numbers can be made with pump gas.

But this is expensive shit... since the vette has never been produced with a turbo in mind, the entire operation is proprietary. You'll either have to set a lot of money down to have someone do it for you, or you'll have to be very skilled at fabrication and mechanics in general.

The better route to go with a stock Vette is a centrifugal supercharger- there's plenty of room, and you can get a lot of power out of it without having to alter the motor drastically.

Best case scenario, a 427 inch ZL1 big block with all the goodies= 700+hp without much effort. No joke.

That's alot of horsies!

Do you have any good urls where I can look up stuff like "pump gas" and "centrifugal supercharger"? I don't want to take up your time with n00b questions.

I found this Swedish site about the Stingray (, especially the Tech Tips is nice. And the History section.