Tell me about the Fallout game series

I’m like you I thought FONV was great but not so much Outer Worlds. I do not think Outer Worlds was bad at all just needed more in different areas for the scope of game they were trying to make. Obsidian has always been a small developer but now that they have Microsoft F U money backing them it will be interesting to see what they do. In case you do not know this is a teaser of their next big game.

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That’s the gayest shit ever. It makes no sense why they Microsoft would refuse to take money from everyone with a PS4/5. I’m sure that they’ll find a way.

That is like saying it is the gayest shit for Sony to not release God of War, Uncharted, Spider Man, ect on the Xbox.

Well I mean, I personally hate it, but it makes perfect sense from their perspective.
The Xbox got hammered every generation by Sony having much better exclusives. Literally one of the main reason to PlayStation was always listed as the exclusives.
So they just said fuck it and bought the game company with two of the biggest franchises in the industry.

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That looks pretty awesome! I got some pretty big Skyrim vibes from it.

Exclusives are pretty gay in general.

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No. Sony started it with all of the PS4 exclusives. Microsoft will be giving it back just as hard this gen. You reap what you sow.

lol come on. Consoles have always had exclusives. It’s been this way for decades.
Sony definitely did it better in the PS4 era and now Microsoft have returned serve.

yep. during first gen years ago, i remember buying a bullshit used xbox just to play 20 minute loading screen, i mean morrowind.before that, the obvious mario sonic

I wanted so hard to enjoy Fallout. Maybe if I gave it a 2nd chance but I’d have to start all over and that just does not seem fun, at all.

I played until I got out the vault. My first mission I accepted was to find a bomb iirc. When trying to do that mission, I encountered someone who gave me a chance to work for the opposite guy of the first guy. It’s been a few years but whatever decision I made, was a huge costly error and I ended up fucking myself and I immediately lost interest.

Yeah don’t blow up Megaton on your first playthrough.

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Was this in response to my post?

More a metaphor for life in general.


Both posts are correct.

Nuking megaton on your first play through puts you in the evil camp right at the beginning. Disarm the bomb instead and you’ll get a pretty good start to things.

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I nuked them but helped the ghouls take over Tenpenny Towers.

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I don’t think I ever did nuke Megaton but yes, I did let the ghouls in to fuck up all of those cunty, snooty people.

I had just played through 3 and didn’t nuke them but let the ghouls still have the towers.

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What do you think of 76? Have you tried it at all?

I pissed off the NCR early into the game this time. Someone got mouthy with me in Sloan so he had to go. Then they all had to check out. The Rangers tracked me down and told me I had 3 days. Helped them but found me with 1 day with more threats. Wanted to waste them but didn’t want to ruin so much of the game early so put on their armor so they leave me alone now. lol