Tell me about the pro membership..

So if I get the pro membership will I have access to a top secret section of the forums where if I post something critical about the UFC I won't be called a Nipponophile and if I post something critical about Pride I won't be called a member of the TUF Tapout dork army?

What are the benefits, apart from being able to view pornography, and having the self-satisfaction of contributing to

I think I'll probably go ahead and get one today, but I'd like to know more about it....

it makes your name blue.. that in it's own right is pretty cool. everybody loves blue!

The only secret area is the tapout forum.  You will however have access to pro member only threads and be able to mess with the mudnamers.

You get to post videos/links for people who ask "Blue name please" that's about it. And some other weird stuff.

Mine recently expired and the only benefit to me personally was that I could add pictures to my posts, access the TapOut forum and view pro-only threads - of which each and every one was a scam designed to make those who don't pay believe they were missing out on something.

I couldn't even manage to embed video the entire year I had it  

So basically there is no escape from the zealots?

Guess I'll have to think this one over.

I do pretty well all by myself when it comes to locating porn on the internet.

Since the purchase of my blue name I get laid ALL THE TIME now!!!

its a conspiracy....

"I do pretty well all by myself when it comes to locating porn on the internet."

I wasn't aware this was hard for anyone.

anyone who can't find porn on the internet really ought to box up their PC and send it back.

I thought a membership lasted a year yet mine name still appears to be blue - am I special?

"You can look forward to Mr Zipplokk trying to pay the admins for your personal info. Good luck!!"

Is this true even if I am not a fightsport troll that is out to get him?

Cuz your supporting the best MMA site on the internet! Thats why I'm getting one. To hell with the perks! (And I hope it makes getting a green easier!)